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100 School Students Joined the Putrajaya Community E-STEM Camp Programme 2024



(Source: Nik Dania Faqrissa)

PUTRAJAYA, 19 May - The Putrajaya Community E-STEM Camp Programme 2024 was successfully conducted by taking the initiative to improve the learning system and maintain collaboration between school and university students.

The E-Stem Camp Programme was organized by the Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) in cooperation with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) located at Seri Siantan Hall, Putrajaya Corporation Complex, Precinct 3. 100 students from 11 secondary schools together with parents and English teachers, as well as 50 UKM TESL Undergraduate facilitators are involved in this program, which is managed by the Division of Community Services and Sports, PPj.

Dr Maslawati binti Mohamad, TESL instructors who also chairs the E-STEM Camp Programme Committee, expressed her delight at the youths' enthusiasm for participating.

"We want them to be enchanted by technology again because there has been a steady decline in the number of English students lately with more and more students opting for TESL courses and subjects," stated Dr. Maslawati.

The program focuses on students to experience and implement a variety of interactive, hands-on activities and STEM-themed demonstrations directly from experts and practitioners in their respective field. Team building games, particularly online quizzes like Kahoot, the most creative 5-minute presentation, creating poems with only given things, and quick telephone games are some of the activities that the students participate in.

(Source: Nik Dania Faqrissa)

This E-STEM Camp Program aims to improve English Language competence through various approaches such as workshops, digital learning, coaching and mentoring, Nik Dania Faqrissa, second year student from TESL said, the program can open the minds of English students in many interesting ways.

"This is fun knowing that technology now is advance, even the phone they use can be used as a medium for them to learn English and, with this program, it helps students to explore about applications that can help them improve their English competency in fun ways, so not only learning English in class, but outside the class as well." said, Dania.

(Source: Nik Dania Faqrissa)

One of the participating students, Ahmad Fakhrul from SMK Putrajaya presint 11 (2) expressed his excitement for gaining a lot of experience and knowledge after joining this program and he was happy to be part of a programme despite having to spend time on the weekend.

“I’ve always wanted to join a programme like this and learn new things. But, I didn't expect that it would be educational in this way, I mean, not in a boring way” he said

He added that the camp provides an opportunity to not only expand one's knowledge but also make new acquaintances. This program provides him with the opportunity to improve his communication and critical thinking skills.

This program does provide an abundance of encouragement to students who are capable of changing the future for the better in a peaceful manner. It not only gives students the courage to learn English and technology, but it also allows them to hone their latent abilities that they may have recently discovered.

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