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145,173 Hotline Calls Received On Mental Health

Author: Sharon Tang

Editor: Low Jie Jane

The Ministry of Health has just informed that about 145,173 calls were received in dealing with citizens that have mental health issues between 25th March and 20th May 2021 during this pandemic of Covid-19 said by the Ministry of Health.

Mental health is considered one of the crucial aspects to look at now during the Covid-19 pandemic due to many losses from economic and social wise. Mental health can be detected through many different types such as anxiety, stress, traumatic-related disorder and most famously known depression. Malaysians are now greatly suffering from mental health and have yet proven again that help is needed right away.

The Ministry of Health stated that about 85% of the citizen calls received are greatly in need of emotional support for acute stress, depression, abuse & suicidal tendencies and action has been taken by soon placing 200 psychological officers into government clinics. This action is impactful as more assists are being provided more professionally where individuals can have more lookup to express and talk about their mental health conditions.

Why hotlines?

As we all know, the whole world is very shaken up by the pandemic of Covid-19 and it is imaginable that many individuals now are facing the lowest part of their journey currently. Strict restrictions are formed to keep the situation under control and maintain the safety of citizens by the government. Indirectly, appointments to any medical centre are now very difficult to make and due to the SOP given, things will just get even harder! So why hotlines? Why not just make an appointment since it is allowed? Well, here are a few reasons why hotlines are as capable as just one of the appointments you are going to make.

One of the reasons is you are basically one call away! Many hotlines from private organisations and the government provided numerous call numbers that you could reach too. You might think that through calling are not very useful in helping you to express the state you are in, but it does help a lot. Just simply by having a conversation and talking you are eventually still able to express your feelings indirectly. You are able to search the numbers through the entire internet and all you have to do is just remember it and dial it or even click on it.

Furthermore, your identity or in another word, your-self are not revealed unless you want too. Some of the individuals are still uncomfortable letting people know who they are and that they have mental illness. Even when it comes to appointments made for therapy or counselling, some of us are just not there yet to be in the face-to-face situation. Thus, it is much easier for them with hotlines as they are able to keep it the way they wanted too which is being classified about themselves.

It is undeniable that this has been one of the effective ways to cope and help those who are staying at home and facing from mental health problems during the pandemic. Mental Health is very important as it associates our social well-being, thinking, psychological aspect and also emotions. It is one of the most needed inevitably health throughout our stages in life from childhood to adulthood and just as supreme with our physical health. Thus, if anyone you know or even you, yourself are facing a hard time and need any reassurance or someone to talk to, hotlines can be one of the greatest ways to do a service for you.

Nevertheless, the rise of the hotline received from last year March until May this year is proven enough that many citizens are greatly impacted. We all should look out for our family members, friends, partners and many more out there that might battle with their own mental health. In a nutshell, with hotlines ready in our society and the government making amendments for these problems, it is imaginable that we are able to prevail and maintain a society of healthy mentality even during this pandemic. Oh, not to forget! Here are a few organisation hotlines in Malaysia that you can use or share to those in need.

Mental Health Hotlines:


KL: 03-7956 8145 (24 hours)

Ipoh: 05-547 7933 (4pm to 11pm)

Penang: 04-281 5161 (3pm to midnight)

Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Contact Number: 03-2780 6803

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