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3 Restaurants At Ipoh That You Shouldn’t Miss

Writer: Nur Fathin Athirah binti Nor Azman

Editor: Deepalakshmi A/P Manickam

Sources: Google

The third-biggest city in Malaysia and the capital of Perak is Ipoh. It is a well-liked destination for those who enjoy adventure, art, history, and architecture, and it is situated halfway between GeorgeTown and Kuala Lumpur. This city offers a lot, including seeing stunning limestone caves, kayaking along the Kinta River, tasting the local speciality, Ipoh white coffee, and wandering the city to discover beautiful street art.

Besides that, it is known for its rich culinary traditions from Nasi Kandar to Dim Sum and many more. The unique and delicious food of Ipoh is what makes it a must-visit destination. From traditional Chinese eateries to modern fusion restaurants, the variety of eateries in Ipoh offers something delicious for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore Ipoh’s amazing culinary offerings and embark on a food journey of discovery.

Canning Dim Sum Sources: Fathin Athirah

This dim sum restaurant, which is situated in Ipoh's uptown Canning Gardens district, is unique in that it is a halal establishment. Canning Dim Sum which is regarded as an affluent neighbourhood in Ipoh.

There are more than 60 dim sum varieties here. The butterfly pea gyozas and dumplings are the most visually appealing of the dim sum selections. With chewy skin on the outside and meaty insides, they are as delectable as they are pretty. Another Instagram-worthy dish is the restaurant's unique dumpling, which is made to resemble little carrots. It seems that natural components like pumpkins and butterfly pea flowers are used instead of artificial colouring to bring out the vibrant colours in these delicacies.

I was really impressed when I dined at Canning Dim Sum with my best friends. The Yam croquette was a taste explosion that highlighted the chef’s expertise. The staff’s attentive service enhanced the enjoyable experience by providing a warm and friendly atmosphere. While the costs reflect the quality, the total value and memorable eating experience and well-worth the money. A definite must-try for culinary fans.

The restaurant itself is housed in a converted bungalow and has about 250 seats, making it a stunning sight. The exquisitely designed garden also has tables and chairs, which draws patrons who don't mind enjoying some morning sunshine with their meal.


Pizza Sources: Fathin Athirah

Originally from Chik, they started out selling homemade pizzas from their house before moving on to a pizza stand at Miker Food. Four years later, they ventured out on their own and opened Miker Pizza, a storefront next door to Miker Food. After successfully establishing their first store for several years that is located in 1, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, they proudly opened a second Miker's location in Gunung Rapat. Pizzas from Miker are flavorful, handmade masterpieces with melting cheese, crunchy dough, meat, and greens that are simple to like. Their hand-stretched pizza dough is indeed crunchy and thin-crust, in the tradition of New York pizza. Despite having no experience in cooking, the owner's love of pizza was the beginning of it all.

There are many pizza options available at Miker Pizza, but the Ultimate Pizza is a must-try for anybody who have a taste for spice, or what we call a "Malay palate" or "tekak Melayu." This pizza has a unique flavour profile and is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bird's eye chilli, anchovies, shallots, and a mixture of herbs. Miker Pizza offers a wide selection to satisfy meat lovers. The most well-liked choice for people who enjoy meaty treats is the Crazee Meat. With copious amounts of beef pepperoni, beef salami, and beef meatballs dispersed throughout the pizza, this dish is a hit among pizza connoisseurs. When it comes to satisfying and savoury pizza at Miker Pizza, Crazee Meat stands out due to its variety of meat toppings.

Other than that, if you're a passionate cheese lover, you have to try Crazee Cheese! It is, in fact, a straightforward pizza with a generous amount of imported Australian mozzarella cheese and bolognese sauce. The pizza is definitely the stuff that dreams of pizza are made of; it shines like a beautifully carved gold bar with long strands of cheese. The pizzas mentioned above are specialties unique to Miker Pizza, not found in any other pizza joint.

I really like the way Miker Pizza presents their own signature pizza. The cheese pizza is fat, toppings tend to be rich and the sauce is perfectly blended. From the first bite to the last, pizza is a flavorful and comforting meal that can turn my bad day into a good one. If I go back to Ipoh, I will definitely buy pizza at this place! I guess this is one of my favourite go-to eat pizza places.

Restoran M Salim Sources: Google

A visit to Ipoh would not be complete without sampling the local delicacy, "nasi kandar," a fragrant steamed rice dish served with a variety of curries and side dishes. Nasi Kandar M Salim, they are known for their fish head curry. Their fish head curry is always freshly made, it never disappoints people who come here. M Salim's curry is rich, bursting with flavors and spices as they do not use much coconut milk in their curry. So, if you truly appreciate a thick and flavorful curry, you should try M Salim's “nasi kandar”. Furthermore, the “nasi kandar” is unique because they use "ayam vanggey," where the chicken has a red color. The chicken is marinated with red spices, and you can find this specialty mostly in Ipoh.

M Salim's nasi kandar has 2 branches, one on Jalan Tokong and another on Jalan Yang Kalsom. It is a family-owned business with an interesting history. The business was originally owned by two brothers. However, due to significant disagreements, they decided to split the business into the two branches mentioned earlier. Despite the separation, both branches continue to maintain the same high-quality standards for the best “nasi kandar”.

I enjoyed the “nasi kandar” at M Salim. I really like it because of the well-mixed gravy, which is thick and delicious, and the spotlessly clean surroundings of the restaurant.

M Salim's “nasi kandar” gravy has a properly balanced ratio, but what really makes them stand out is that they choose not to add the sweet red gravy. Only curry, fish curry, beef, and chicken are included in M Salim's “nasi kandar” in Ipoh. It is richer and tastier because of this. In addition, the restaurant stands out from other nasi kandar places due to its amazing cleanliness.

In conclusion, exploring Ipoh's culinary delights is truly an adventure for the taste buds. The three highlighted eateries, each with its own distinctive offerings, contribute to the rich tapestry of flavors that define this vibrant city. From the unique “nasi kandar'' experience at M Salim, the delightful pizza varieties at Miker Pizza, or enjoying the delicate dim sum at Canning Dim Sum, Ipoh has something special for every palate. Make sure to savor these culinary gems for an unforgettable gastronomic journey in the heart of Ipoh.

Sources: Fathin Athirah

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