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51st Convocation Carnival UKM presenting Iman Troye, Luqman Podolski and Ellisda

Updated: Jan 11

Writer: Aina Jazlina, Nurul Fatihah

Editor: Abigail Sangeeth, Fakhruzaman

BANGI, 22nd Nov - The National University of Malaysia held a neon run event in conjunction with the 51st Convocation carnival 2023.

This event is open to all UKM students and public people to register. The participation fee is only RM45 for 3km.

Various attractive prizes and neon run merchandise will be given to students who participate in this event. What will enliven this event is the presence of three famous artists namely Iman Troye, Luqman Podolski and Ellisda.

“I believe that their presence, it can not only enliven the atmosphere and event, but can also attract more students to participate.” Said Zaza the Program Exco.

“I cannot wait to meet them live and take pictures together!” Said Aqilah the participants.

“I’m expecting their singing is not auto-tuned,” Said Aliah, who is a fan of Iman Troye.

As for now the registration hits 300+ participants and the number of participants keeps increasing.

“We are confident that this neon run event will receive a very large and lively response from UKM students.” Said Adam the Chief of Director of KARKON.

Iman Troye, Luqman Podolski and Ellisda are the main attractions of this carnival. As what the secretariats expecting, their existence will make a massive crowd like a real concert and could generate more profits through this neon run.

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