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80 Students Participated In Blood Donation At KBH

Updated: Apr 30

Writer: Nik Nor Aqilah Binti Nik Abdullah 

Editor: Azmyra Balqis Binti Azuan

(Team Exco From Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi UKM Source: photo Nik Nor Aqilah)

BANGI, 24 Apr - In a heartwarming display of solidarity and compassion, the team that handles this program rallied together for a noteworthy blood donation event held on 24 April. The event, organized by Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi and cooperation with National Blood Centre (NBC), Pusat Kesihatan University (PKU) and  Pusat Pergigian Kesihatan University (PPKU) that organized in one-day meaningful voluntary blood donation event at Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi.

From the crack of dawn until the setting sun , the Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi was bustling with activity as eager volunteers lined up to donate blood. The event garnered an overwhelming response, with participants turning out in droves to contribute to the noble cause. Donors of all ages and backgrounds, united by a common desire to make a difference, rolled up their sleeves to give the gift of life. 

This event is a volunteer blood donation organized by PDM and Exco team from Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi, to boost the amount of blood on hand, hold back blood for patients in need of immediate medical attention, and deliver prompt medical assistance. Students and faculty from a wide range of faculties have expressed interest in actively participating. 

(Donated blood at Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi Source: photo by Nik Nor Aqilah)

“This is my first event that I handle on campus and we achieve our target for people to come and donate their blood”, remarked Muhammad Azrin Shah Head of Program. 
The organizer of the event had taken a few initiatives to promote their programs. One  of the few initiatives taken was to create online forms. The organizer said it had received massive response from the students within a certain period of time. “Within 1 hour without the poster we got 46 responses who had registered for blood donation 68%  from female students and others were male students.”. 

Total for people who came and joined the blood donation was 80. “Second time we blast the poster with google from the event we have reached our target of 80 people who have participated in this program, however they also promote their videos and reels about the event and post in social media to show our donation event.”

The enthusiasm and generosity displayed by our Kolej community today reaffirm our collective commitment to helping those in need.

The event featured a well- coordinated setup, with multiple donation stations equipped with trained medical personnel ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Strict adherence to safety protocols and hygiene standards was paramount, with every precaution taken to safeguard the health and well-being of donours amid the ongoing pandemic.

Among the donors was  Muhammad Azrin Shah, student FKAB from Civil Engineering  and also head of the programme who was involved in this event. “ I believe that donating blood is a simple yet impactful way to support our local healthcare system,” they expressed. “ Knowing that my contribution could potentially save lives is incredibly rewarding.” 

The experience during the blood donation process makes Muhammad Azrin want to join it again even though it makes people nervous but it such a good experience, said “ when i follow the instructions to be done before going to the blood donation screening I am very nervous and my body starts to feel bad because I so nervous, but the staff said when to donate make sure we eat first and have a good rest it is important for us to have a good condition when we participate for this program.”

Nurul Faezah Mohd Yaccob, student FSSK from Media Communication , said, “ I'm a regular blood donor, I donate every 6 months because it gives a huge benefit to our body while helping people in need.”

Reflecting on the event’s impact the Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi community disperses, the echoes of their collective goodwill and humanitarianism resonate far beyond the campus grounds, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others to follow suit. In a world often beset by challenges, moments like these remind us of the extraordinary power of coming together to enact positive change.

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