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A Coffee Shop with Very Delicious Homemade Desserts

Write: Wang Mengya

Editor: Liao Yiling

(Photographed at a'rest Cafe, Wang Mengya)

When people walk into the a'rest Cafe store, the aroma of the cake is tangy, developing people feel sweet. The clerk is arranging all kinds of cakes on the shelves. In the showcase, in addition to ordinary pastries, sandwiched doughnuts have captured the attention of customers. Delicious desserts in handmade dessert shops are usually handmade from raw materials carefully selected by local shopkeepers. The taste is unique and nutritious, which is the most significant difference from other dessert shops.

In recent years, handmade desserts in Malaysia have become increasingly popular. Apart from traditional desserts(glutinous rice cakes, chicken cakes, mille-feuilles), modern desserts are also gaining popularity in Malaysia. a'restCafe incorporates innovation and creativity in dessert production to cater to contemporary people's pursuit of food. Modern desserts possess a variety of tastes, including Western, Japanese and Korean desserts. Diverse tastes and styles attract different consumer groups.

(Photographed at a'rest Cafe, Wang Mengya)

"Ingredient selection, ingredients, moulding, baking, in-packaging, outsourcing...whether it is oil, noodles, or ingredients, we have repeatedly insisted on doing the best. We firmly insist on controlling the ingredients without additives to ensure the quality of desserts." "The owner of the coffee shop, Thisn Mei (27), said that how to make baked products healthier and how to stand out in the baking industry are still issues that the boss has been thinking about and exploring. Talking about the innovative development of dessert shops, Thisn Mei said that the store mainly deals in handmade desserts, including cakes, cookies, puffs, etc. They are made on the same twenty-four hours every day to ensure the quality and taste of desserts.

The store's best-selling tartar cake, which consists of 6 layers of pancake and 6 layers of cream. Pancakes are made from milk, eggs, ghee, honey and flour. Thisn Mei took a cream spatula and skillfully spread a layer of cream on each layer of cake. After cooling for 5 hours, spread the outermost layer of cream. Firm pancakes are paired with smooth and rich cream, and the clear and three-dimensional layers are intertwined in the mouth. Even better with a cup of steaming coffee. "The jams used in the store are all made by ourselves, such as apricot jam and apple jam. The apricots are washed and peeled, and the jam is sweet and slightly sour. The cooked apples have to be peeled. Only the jam made can be sweet and delicate... …” In addition to traditional desserts, a'rest Cafe also often introduces some novel and creative desserts, like homemade ice cream, sorbet cubes, handmade candies, etc., to convince more consumers.

(Photographed at a'rest Cafe, Wang Mengya)

The desserts at a'rest Cafe pay more attention to handmade, of better quality and taste, comfortable environment and a friendly service attitude, making people feel warm and comfortable. If you happen to be a person who enjoys food and pursues quality, you might as well go to a'rest Cafe to experience the unique dessert flavour. Malaysians love artisanal desserts for many reasons, from healthy eating to entertainment to the influence of social media culture. Malaysians' love for handmade desserts has also brought huge opportunities for the development of the local dessert industry. More and more dessert shops are opening, which will bring more people the enjoyment of gourmet food. Dessert culture is very important in Malaysia. It represents the culture and way of life of Malaysians. Whether it is traditional desserts or modern desserts, they all occupy an important part of Malaysian life, allowing people to find happiness and satisfaction in food.

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