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A Hidden Gem For Seafood Foodies In Petaling Street

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Author: Sharon Tang Kah Yee

Editor: Low Jie Jane

Name of the stall ‘Ikan Panggang’

An ‘Ikan Panggang’ stall is one of the hidden gems located in Petaling Street, Chinatown famous for their wrap grilled seafood with gravy and sauce influenced by Portuguese cuisine style.

The stall that was named simply ‘Ikan Panggang’ has been open for a solid 35 years since the year 1986 until now by the owner Chong Kim Siew. The small stall operates every day from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm except on Monday. The stall was considered quite unique because the meals are mostly influenced by the taste of Portuguese cuisine. The meals are served wrapped with aluminum foil that came from varieties of seafood choices and a few vegetables inside. There will be 5 different gravies and sauces. Each gravy and sauce comes with its own flavor and the different level of spiciness so customers can choose based on their own taste palate.

Mr. Chong Kim Siew, Owner of the stall

Where is this Hidden Gem?

To reach Petaling Street, ChinaTown, you can use public transport such LRT or MRT and stop at station Pasar Seni. There will be 6 to 10 minutes of distance walking from the LRT or MRT to ChinaTown.

Here’s a head-up! To locate or find this shop, will be a little difficult as it is called a hidden gem and for that, you need to be a little patient. Once you have arrived, you can walk straight into the center part of Petaling Street and there you will be able to locate a bank named Hong Leong. What comes next is just for you to walk inside of the bank shelter and at the corner of your eyes, you will be able to find the spot of their business. If you choose to look via Google Maps or online, it is less accurate of the stall location shown. The environment I would say is more than just fine as it is a small stall and only a few tables and chairs are set up.

Center of Petaling Street, ChinaTown

Here comes the best part: FOOD

So for the fun part, what are the meals that we need to give it a try or eat? Well to answer that, there are actually many varieties of seafood you can find and choose, from fishes to seashells. The menu can come in combo or singular and also different sizes from size small to extra-large. What I have ordered is a combo meal of stingray and squid, size large with spicy gravy and a singular meal clams, size medium with a less spicy gravy.

Left: Stingray+Squid (L) RM 26, Right: Clam (M) RM 13

The meals are definitely worth the try and price as the food is so aromatic, fresh and tastes delicious. The stingray with the squid is cooked perfectly fine, the same goes as the clams but the spiciness is real. If you don’t have a high tolerance for spicy, take and request for the mild flavor gravy. The meals do take some time as they need to prepare it freshly and grill for the right amount of time.

Another heads up for you guys is that the stall is first come, first serve. Please do come earlier if you want to have the meals as it can get pretty crowded during the peak hours and the weekends. Moreover, they do have a takeaway service if you prefer to enjoy the meals at home.

Last but not least, the happy news is that this stall is actually pork-free so that means it is Muslim-friendly. Overall, this stall is definitely a hidden gem and food to try in Petaling Street, Chinatown for foodies especially for seafood lovers to look forward to satisfying their craving and enjoy their meals at an affordable price.

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