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A Unique Coconut Prawn Noodle Cost RM40

Writer: Sheirly Lee

Editor: Aidanadhira Hasbi

Source: BorneoDiy

SARIKEI, 16 Nov - A lot of people were willing to wait and line up for a coconut worth RM40 which is actually a delicacy from a combination of tom yum prawn noodles and coconut juice.

The Glory Café was started by this married couple named Mr. Huang Chiong Keng and his wife, Mrs. Kong Ling throwback the time in 2001. At that time, they had created this iconic dish for their top menu which is called ‘Coconut Tom Yum Prawn Noodles’ and also their special side dessert which is ‘Coconut Pudding’.

“Back to the years of 2001, our café is not recognized by a lot of local people as this is located at the road with less people passing through. But thankful to the last few years, a lot of people started to share our iconic dish, ‘Coconut Tom Yum Prawn Noodles’ in their social media until the overseas people from Korea, Brunei, Singapore and also the people from west Malaysia came to visit our café and try the dish,” said by Mrs Kong Ling.

The highlight of the dish is none other than the prawns to attract people’s attention but also the price which cost RM40 for one dish with its strong taste and strong flavour. At Glory Cafe, the noodle doesn’t disappoint Instagrammers as it comes in a huge green coconut.

“This recipe is created by our own idea and is the first generation started by me and my wife. The broth comes from the rendition of tom yam which is spicy, savory, sour, and creamy. Compared to some tom yam soups out there it is also more on the sweeter side and its actually hits all the notes which satisfying all the customers taste,” said Mr Hung Chiong Keng.

“The coconut is filled with meaty and tenderly cooked prawns which is a delight for seafood lovers. Here comes the best part, after you have finished the noodles and the prawns, you can scrape the inside of the coconut with your spoon and savour its tom yam infused flesh,” said Mrs Kong Ling.

Source: BorneoDiy

The Glory Café is open from 7 a.m. in the morning until 3 p.m. in the evening. Usually the café was filled with a lot of people who just came for the ‘Coconut Tom Yum Prawn Noodles’ and some even can wait and line up for one hours for a seat.

The café is not only famous for their top dish but also the coconut pudding is very popular with its texture that cost RM8. It’s made in-house with coconut milk and coconut juice and it’s not the same thing as the coconut jelly that people have in KL and Thailand.

It’s sweet and the perfect counterbalance for the tom yam prawn noodles. The coconut pudding is very limited to 50 per day only.

“The minimum price for our ‘Coconut Tom Yum Prawn Noodles’ is RM 40 and the maximum price can be RM 60 to RM 80 based on the prawns they ordered from us. Basically, we have different types of prawns and everyday is fresh taken from the supermarket or the seafood seller. So that’s why a lot of people keep on coming to our café to taste our delicious iconic dish and sharing to different types of social media about our unique ‘Coconut Tom Yum Prawn Noodles’,” said Mrs Kong Ling.

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