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Anhui Alumni Association of Malaysia was Officially Established

Writer: An Ke

Editor: Zhang Yaoyuan

It was an auspicious day for Anhui people in Malaysia as the inaugural meeting of the Anhui Association of Malaysia, organized by the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia and co-organized by Tang Xing Technology and the College of International Education of Changjiang Normal University, unfolded at Tang Xing Equipment Malaysia on June 11, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Anhui students from China. This historic event aims to strengthen cultural ties, promote y and create a supportive network for Anhui students in Malaysia.

The Anhui Association of Malaysia was established with the primary objective of providing a sense of belonging and support to Anhui students studying in Malaysia.

Wu Fuquan, the Executive Chairman of the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia, emphasized the importance of the association in his address to the students present. He outlined the association's goals, including strengthening geopolitical ties, deepening cultural identity, and fostering mutual assistance among Anhui people living abroad.

(Photo by An Ke)

The association aims to build a better home for Anhui students by ensuring they feel connected to their hometown and receive the warmth and care from their roots. By creating a platform for interaction and cooperation, the association endeavors to facilitate the integration of Anhui students into Malaysian society while retaining their Anhui heritage.

As part of the inaugural event, the Anhui Chamber of Commerce organized an industrial visit to Tang Xing Technology, a prominent Anhui manufacturing enterprise operating in Malaysia. This visit showcased the success of Anhui businesses venturing abroad and provided students with valuable insights into the manufacturing industry.

The industrial visit not only served as a source of inspiration but also fostered industry-academia collaboration. By bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovation, efficiency, and advanced manufacturing techniques employed by Tang Xing Technology. This exposure is expected to motivate and equip Anhui students to contribute effectively to the industry upon graduation.

(Photo by An Ke)

Recognizing the challenges that international students often face, the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia has taken proactive steps to support the holistic development of Anhui students through the hiring of professional advisors for the Alumni Association. These advisors will provide timely assistance to students, addressing their study and life difficulties, and nurturing their personal growth.

Under the guiding principle of "Study in Malaysia, Love Anhui," the Anhui Association of Malaysia seeks to be a platform that facilitates the seamless integration of Anhui students into the local culture. Leveraging the Chamber of Commerce's extensive resources and influence, the association aims to elevate the academic achievements of students, enhance their study experiences, broaden their employment prospects, and establish a conducive environment for their growth.

(Photo by An Ke)

The Anhui Association of Malaysia endeavors to create a supportive environment that empowers Anhui students throughout their educational journey. By leveraging the vast network of the Chamber of Commerce, the association will play an active role in connecting students with academic resources, mentorship opportunities, and potential employment prospects. The ultimate goal is to foster a comprehensive ecosystem that enables Anhui students to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

The establishment of the Anhui Association of Malaysia marks a significant milestone in the lives of Anhui students studying abroad. This initiative, spearheaded by the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia, promises to provide a solid support system and nurturing environment for Anhui students in Malaysia.

An international student from Anhui, China, now studying at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP), UKM, Liu Yiguo said, “With the help of the Anhui Association of Malaysia, I can now confidently embark on my educational journey of studying overseas because I know I have a home while I am studying overseas."

The President of Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia, Liu Hailin said, “The Chamber is a non-profit organization registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and filed with the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. The mission of the Chamber is to be a messenger to convey the friendship between Anhui and Malaysia, a link to connect business technology and cultural exchange, to give full play to the role of bridge and link, to make positive contribution to the social development of Malaysia and the economic, trade and cultural exchange of Anhui Province, and also appreciate the support and trust of international students.”

With the policy of Belt and Road and RCEP as the guide, this event bridges Anhui entrepreneurs, scientists and artists with Malaysia's economic, trade, science and technology and cultural circles, coordinates the exchange activities of both sides, strengthens the business cooperation between both sides, protects the interests of both sides and promotes the development of science and technology, economic, trade and culture on both sides.

By emphasizing cultural identity, fostering collaboration between industry and academia, and offering comprehensive support, the association aspires to empower students to excel academically, find fulfilling employment opportunities, and grow into well-rounded individuals.

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