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Avens Strengthens Management to Safeguard Residents' Rights

Writer: Yin Heng

Editor: Li Yanze

Bangi, 1 June - On 25 May, outsiders occupied the communal facilities within Avens Residence, causing inconvenience to residents. The incident prompted the property to take action and develop a new management system aimed at enhancing security and measures to ensure that Avens residents have exclusive access to these facilities.

Under the newly introduced rules, residents must register their personal information and vehicles, creating a comprehensive database to monitor and control the vehicles and people entering the neighborhood. If a vehicle is to enter the community, residents must present a designated car card. In addition, a separate pedestrian pass card is also specified, which residents must present when entering or leaving the community on foot.

(Registration form for Avens Residence. Photo source: Yin Heng)

Nurul Hana Binti Mohd Zain, a resident of Avens, expressed her thoughts, "This situation has been going on for a fortnight and is causing me a lot of trouble."

The primary objective behind this management system is to maintain the security and privacy of Avens residents, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the neighborhood and its amenities. By requiring registration and the use of specific access cards, the system aims to prevent unauthorized entry and promote a greater sense of community safety.

(Property management office at Avens Residence. Photo by Yin Heng)

Residents have expressed mixed reactions to the newly implemented measures. While some appreciate the enhanced security and control, others view it as an inconvenience that restricts the freedom of movement within their own neighborhood.

One of Avens' residents, Li Xinyu said, "I think the new measures are very good now and have greatly improved the safety of the residents. It gives me more peace of mind."

Zhang Yuhao is another Avens resident who finds this a major inconvenience to his life, "There is only one pedestrian pass for the five of us. This means we need to reapply."

In response to these concerns, the Avens management committee has assured residents that the system's implementation will be accompanied by comprehensive support and guidance. They have pledged to offer assistance in the registration process, address any technical difficulties, and provide detailed information to ensure a smooth transition. The Commission also plans to establish a transparent feedback mechanism to address relevant issues and make adjustments where necessary.

Avens Property's staff member, Lim Chee Heng said, "We've had a lot of feedback from residents about the situation recently, and we've developed a new management system to better protect their rights, and we're doing our best to help them."

(Security guards are explaining the new management system to residents. Photo by Yin Heng)

While the introduction of this management system is intended to address recent incidents and enhance security measures, it is vital for residents and authorities to strike a balance between safety and ease of community life.

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