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Celebrating 90 Years of Donald Duck at Sunway Pyramid



(Photo by Li Xintong)

This year marks a significant milestone in the world of animation as Donald Duck, one of Disney's most beloved characters, turns 90. In celebration, Sunway Pyramid has transformed its LG2 Blue Concourse into a vibrant festival of fun, nostalgia, and unique shopping opportunities, drawing families and fans from all walks of life.

From May 22 to June 9, visitors to the mall can step into a whimsical space adorned with blue and white decorations, echoing the iconic colors of Donald Duck. The venue buzzes with excitement, offering an array of exclusive merchandise featuring the feisty duck and his friends. Collectors and casual fans alike are thrilled by the limited-edition products available, many of which are available at special discounted prices during the event.

(Photo by Li Xintong)

The event is more than just a shopping haven; it's a family-friendly extravaganza. Parents and children are seen laughing together as they engage in free activities like shooting games and ring toss, designed to challenge and entertain while chances are given to make participants win the Donald Duck-themed stickers.These games not only provide fun but also foster a sense of accomplishment and bonding among families.

One of the highlights for the little ones is the pop-up ball pit. Located centrally within the concourse, the pit is filled with yellow balls, allowing children to dive into the fun, literally. The laughter and joyful sounds from the ball pit area are a testament to the timeless appeal of simple, physical play.

(Photo by Li Xintong)

The event also offers a rare treat for fans: the opportunity to meet Donald Duck in person. On select dates and times, Donald makes appearances, giving fans the chance to snap photos with the feisty duck. These meet-and-greet sessions are incredibly popular, with long lines of eager fans waiting for their moment with the beloved character. The smiles and excitement evident in the faces of both children and adults highlight the enduring charm of Donald Duck, a character who has captivated audiences for nearly a century.

Beyond the fun and games, the Donald Duck 90th Anniversary event serves as a vivid reminder of the impact that a well-loved cartoon character can have on multiple generations. Stories abound among the crowd, as older fans share memories of watching Donald Duck cartoons as children, and younger ones talk excitedly about discovering him through new animations.

Alicia Tan, part of the event’s organizing team, is a vibrant figure, her enthusiasm palpable. "Planning this event was both challenging and exhilarating," she explains. "Our main goal was to create an atmosphere that both honors Donald Duck’s classic and appeals to his fans of all ages. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces makes all the hard work worthwhile."

The event's highlight, according to Tan, is the meet-and-greet sessions with Donald Duck himself. "These moments are truly special. It's not just about taking photos; it's about creating memories that last a lifetime. For many, Donald has been a part of their childhood, and meeting him in person is like reconnecting with an old friend."

(Photo by Li Xintong)

The event at Sunway Pyramid not only celebrates the history of Donald Duck but also underscores the continuing relevance of classic characters in today's digital age. This is the proof of Disney’s storytelling prowess when a character created in 1934 continues to evoke laughter, joy, and even a touch of nostalgia, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

As the celebration continues one after another, it is clear that Donald Duck remains a symbol of joy and resilience, his appeal undiminished by time. The success of this event at Sunway Pyramid is a reflection of how timeless characters can bring people together, creating new memories even as they remind us of old ones. In a world that often values the new and the novel, Donald Duck’s 90th anniversary is a vibrant celebration of the enduring power of heritage and laughter.

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