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Cerrado Stray Dogs Frighten Passing International Students

Writer: Wang YaHui

Editor: Liu Tao

BANGI, 16 May - An incident in which a stray dog in the Cerrado neighborhood frighten an international student has sparked widespread concern among community residents, casting a shadow over the harmonious life of the neighborhood.

According to an international student, Peng Yi, she was returning to the neighborhood by car last Friday evening when she encountered the threatening incident.

As she was walking through the neighbourhood's public parking lot, a large dog suddenly came out of the lot, barked at her, and tried to bite her on the leg. This sudden threat made Pang Yi feel extremely scared and upset.

(Savanna, Cerrado Stray Dog. Photo by Wang YaHui)

Peng Yi said, "This is not the first time I have experienced intimidating behavior from a stray dog in my neighborhood. Although I have reported such incidents to the district property management several times, I have not seen effective measures taken."

She fears that a similar incident could happen again, posing a threat not only to her own personal safety but also potentially causing distress and concern to other residents in the area.

The incident quickly drew the attention of community residents, many residents expressed concern about the negligence of the neighborhood management and asked for more proactive measures to address such issues.

Wang Han, another international student, said, "I have also witnessed other residents experiencing similar acts of intimidation without an effective response.

(Cerrado Parking. Photo by Wang YaHui)

Regarding this incident, the manager of Savanna Management Office, Wan Amran Wan Hussin, said they have received complaints from international students and will take them seriously.

He added, they will strengthen the management and supervision of stray dogs in the district and urge owners to strictly comply with the relevant regulations to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents in the district, as well as strengthen the training of their staff to improve their ability for handling similar incidents.

The incident has sparked widespread discussion about stray dogs management and community safety, with calls for better stray dogs management and reminders for passersby to be vigilant.

With the investigation of the incident and the implementation of related measures, the community and student groups hope that this incident will draw wider attention and become an opportunity to improve stray dog management in the community and ensure the safety of international students.

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