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Challenges Faced by Off-Campus Students in Daily Commute Near UKM Revealed in Recent Interviews

Updated: Jan 12

By: An Haokuan, Zhao Wenhao

Editor: Yang Jiaxin, Li Qiuyun

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BANGI, 30 Oct - A recent series of interviews conducted by the Nadi Bangi team at Bangi, UKM, focused on unraveling the travel patterns of students residing near the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) campus. The objective was to shed light on the various challenges encountered by students during their daily commute, particularly those living off-campus.

The interviews delved into the daily experiences of off-campus students, exploring the intricacies of their travel patterns and the situations they encounter during their commutes. The intention was to gather pertinent feedback to better understand and address the issues faced by this demographic, providing valuable insights to improve their overall university experience.

Students Navigate Challenges in Daily Commute Near UKM

(Zhao Wenhao from Bao tou, China)

Students living near the campus of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) shared their experiences, highlighting the unpredictable problems in their daily commute, even with the convenience of a private car.

Du Yu, a student with a car, expressed concerns about traffic jams causing lateness due to inconsistent class times:

"Problems encountered in commuting. There are many, for example, after I got my driver's license, my parents bought me a car to facilitate me to go to and from school every day. Because sometimes my friends and I don't come to school together. Because the time of the course is not consistent. But if my class time is earlier, I will encounter the more serious problem of traffic jam, which will cause me to be late because of the traffic condition."

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Ma Xinyi, a student without a car, shared her challenges using Grab for daily commutes:

"To be honest, I am a Chinese student in Malaysia. I didn't think about living here for a long time, so I didn't get a driver's license here. So, for me, going to and from school is all about using the app to call the Grab driver. But it's also the hardest thing for me. Sometimes the start time is early or the end time is late, and the price of the trip becomes expensive."

Wang Yahui, a resident student, discussed the commute challenges faced by friends living far from the dormitory:

"As a resident student, I don't have particularly many problems with my daily commute to study. After all, the dormitory is relatively close to my college, but for some of my friends, it is relatively far, they sometimes encounter from the dormitory to the teaching building need to call Grab. But the time spent is not equal."

Diverse Challenges, Common Goal: Improving Commutes

The opinions provided by the students highlight the varied challenges faced by different groups in their daily commutes. Some worry about traffic, others about the cost of travel, and some about the distance between the college and the dormitory. Overall, these issues present opportunities for improvement and solutions that can positively impact the daily lives of students at UKM.

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