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Changes That Happened in 2020

By: Marllisa Anttonysamy

Editor: Aqilah Azanil

Sumber: Google

The Covid-19 pandemic had been a year of realization to everyone that nothing is permanent in life, in just a snap of a finger, the virus had changed all of our lives. It might have gotten better or the other way round. We were all sent home from offices and universities in early March with the hope that we will be back in two weeks. Two weeks became two months and the timeline stretched and here we are in 2021. Let’s look back at what happened in 2020.

The pandemic had extremely transform how companies operated. Thousands of companies had to quickly adapt to the change. Work from home was the new norm. Who would ever expect a day would come that you wouldn’t need to turn up to the office but still be on work while lazing around with your comfy pyjamas all day long while your couches are the office. Some were happy to work from home as they could skip the morning traffic and have a cup of coffee relaxedly while some were quite stressed up especially those with little kids. But as great as virtual are, we tend to crave for real life meetings.

Online learning. Across the world, all educators and students had a rapid move from whiteboards to online learning. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and various platforms had been used for online learning. Educators and students from young to old, had to adapt with the new norm. College students could adapt easier compared to the secondary and primary students. Even many parents had a hard time balancing out in teaching their children and managing their job. This is also where many students were struggling to fulfill the demands of school. Despite all this, the plus point here is that you could wake up just five minute before class as waking up for an 8am class had always been students biggest challenge. But, I am sure by now students are willing to get up early just to have back their face to face classes.

The food industry had also faced ups and downs due to this pandemic. All restaurants were ordered to close down. Dining in were not allowed, only take away and delivery. Restaurants had no choice but only to depend on delivery as everyone were in quarantine. Franchise restaurants such as McDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin Donut could survive the lost but many independent restaurant had a hard time to maintain its business during the pandemic. Quite a number of restaurant shut down. But what was missed the most by all is definitely hanging out at mamak restaurant with your group of friends and family at random time.

More than your phones, there are something even important to bring wherever you go nowadays. Yes, it’s the mask and your hand sanitizer. It used to be weird to see someone walking around with their mask but it is the other way around now. You might get chased away from shopping malls and public places for not wearing a mask. It might be uncomfortable and a little suffocating but that is the best method to reduce the chain of Covid-19. Social distancing had also been something common in 2020. You are required to maintain a distance of one meter in public places. Hugging and shaking hand is also a big no.

2020 might not have been a great year for many of us but this is the year that has thought us to appreciate each and everyone and everything we have in life. The things we have today, has no guarantee for tomorrow. So live your life to the fullest with no regrets. Choose kindness more and laugh often. Don’t give up on your 2020 goals but bring it on to 2021 and make it even better. This pandemic is not an end yet so stay safe and take care. Have an amazing year. Happy New Year 2021.

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