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Charity for Animals, an Initiative by Students during Pandemic

Author: Rienna Kaur

Editor: Amirah Syazwani Shawel

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 June - The quote, “charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead” is something that these Berjaya University Students’ who are coming together in collaboration with My Pets Haven to raise awareness about animal rights and to support a small charity, as pet shelters have been neglected lately due to the pandemic with Project Humanity truly believe in.

A student initiative by the campaign management and social responsibility students from Berjaya University College may well be one of the things that helps to bring animals joy during this time of stress where with the pandemic still at large in Malaysia, pet owners have been forced to either abandon their precious pets or return them to pet shelters. With the looming financial crisis, most of them do not have a choice because they simply do not have enough money to care for their cherished pets anymore.

Project Humanity hopes to achieve their goals with 3 simple-to-understand steps. They will be organising streaming sessions every Wednesday night on all of the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube where Jackbox party games will be played. The campaign also provides raffle tickets 30 minutes before their streaming ends with gift prizes in forms of steam keys. Those incharge will release the titles of the games you can win every week. The final way is by collaborating with a local bakery, Cakeslicious where the local home-based chef and baker has agreed to donate 20% of each sale to our project.

From that, these students have collaborated with a charity organisation for animals, My Pets Haven. The charity is an independent charity that was started by a sweet lady Miss Aileen Lee, who goes by Auntie Aileen without the backing of any prominent NGOs. It is remarkable that she has managed to make the charity a proud thing that it is to her today.

My Pets Haven rescues stray animals and cares for them while looking for new owners to take them in. They even make sure the pets adopted are properly taken care of by their new owners.

Speaking to the campaign director, Nuraina Fadzilah binti Mohd Bakhtiar who is also very much a student of Berjaya University, she emphasizes that this campaign was started to spread joy and happiness to the public amidst depressing times while raising funds for My Pets Haven, their charity of choice.

When asked why she decided to collaborate with My Pets Haven as the charity of choice, she said it was because of the focus of care they put on strays.

“My Pets Haven was an obvious ideal choice for us because of Aunty Aileen’s passion. If she didn’t realise she could actually do more for the stray animals living on the streets, she would never have thought of rehabilitating and rehoming them alas since taking the first step towards advocating for animal rights, she's only grown more and more passionate towards helping animals in need as well as rescuing and rehoming more and more animals off the streets.”

This project hopes to reach its goals as well as indirectly helping the precious strays that wish to find their new homes as soon as possible especially with this pandemic looming where everyone, humans and animals are desperate for companionship.

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