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Chinese Restaurant Opening Attracts Chinese Students

Updated: Apr 30

Writer: Li Junxian

Editor: Guo Zhuozhuang

(Credit: Li Junxian)

BANGI, 21 Apr - A shop under renovation in the MKH 2 Kajang district has attracted the attention of many Chinese students living in the neighborhood with the announcement that a Si Chuan and Hunan-style restaurant called Grandma's Impression will soon open.

The restaurant, called Grandma's Impression, is a fusion of two traditional Chinese cuisines, Szechuan and Hunan, where Szechuan cuisine is spicy and Sichuan cuisine is hot and sour. Both cuisines are popular in China, and for Chinese students who have been studying abroad for a long time, eating Chinese food is a psychological comfort.

It is reported that the restaurant's more delicious dishes include buns, dumplings and eight pot congee, with prices ranging from around RM20 to the most expensive RM40. For Chinese students, this price is acceptable.

XIAO MIN, a Chinese student at UKM, said that she has been coming to Malaysia for a long time to taste the local food, which is delicious, but sometimes she still wants to eat in a Chinese restaurant.

"This opening of this restaurant downstairs in the neighborhood is a great opportunity to taste Chinese food, when I see a restaurant with Chinese food written on it when I go downstairs, it's like I'm back in China, so I'm looking forward to its opening."

LI ZHI, another Chinese student at UKM, said he was from Sichuan and was very excited about the opening of a Sichuan restaurant downstairs.

"I am a person who misses my hometown very much, when I am abroad or overseas, how I wish I could eat our Sichuan flavor dishes, this makes me very thankful to be able to open a restaurant like this so I can taste Sichuan dishes, I learnt that the prices of the restaurant are very cheap as well, so I will definitely go to taste it when it opens!"

Zhang Hua, the 30-year-old manager of the restaurant, revealed some details to us. We must also focus on the motivation behind the opening of this restaurant.

"The reason why I opened this restaurant is because I want many Chinese students to eat the flavor from China, and also I think I also want to introduce these Chinese dishes to Malaysia as a country, so that everyone can taste the flavor of Chinese food," he said.

"For the positioning of our restaurant's dishes and prices, we follow the principles of Szechuan and Hunan cuisine made, so people can eat authentic Chinese cuisine. Secondly about the price we hope that everyone students can afford to eat it, so the pricing is not particularly expensive. "He went on to add.

It is reported that the restaurant will open on 27 Apr , when the restaurant will also launch the opening of the special activities, more to help the first week to attract a large number of neighborhood residents and Chinese students to eat.

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