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COVID-19 Causes Financial Issues for Private Employees?

By: Mathuumitha G. Ragawan

Editor: Lingesh Kumar


BANGI, 22 Dec - COVID-19 pandemic has created a tough situation for everyone around the world and the main issues faced by Malaysians is from the financial aspect espescially to those employees that work in private sectors.

According to a recent research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), higher pressure of public debt were induced by this pandemic especially in all major sources of development finance. Countries from the lower and middle socioeconomic class are struggling to finance their public health, social and economic responses to COVID-19.

As said earlier, one of the main issues faced by Malaysians is coping with financial stress. Therefore, Nadi Bangi team managed to get some of the public experience on facing and managing financial issues during this pandemic.

A private clinic assistant, Rozilah binti Awang, 27, “I did not expect to face such a situation. I find it difficult to handle the financial situation because we have to cope with additional expenses to cater to our newborn who is just three months old. I am working so I have to leave my baby to the babysitter. The babysitting rate is high during this difficult time”.

Shubagan Gunasekaran, 43, working in the hotel industry “My company has stopped our overtime since the customers reduced drastically due to this pandemic so we only get our basic salary which is not enough to run the family. I have to pay my car debt, house rent and so many other things that need money.”

Mohammad Afran bin Hasan, 45, who owns a private tuition centre, “I am financially facing problems to pay my staff as there are not many students that have enrolled classes during this pandemic. Many parents stopped their child from sending to our centre as they were also facing some financial issues. On the other hand, some are afraid to send their children because they think it will increase the risk of spreading around by COVID-19.”

Malaysians are facing various types of financial issues and they are still trying their best to cope with their problems during this pandemic. Shubagan, “Now, I’m doing a part-time job even though I still work as a full-time worker in my own company to manage my financial issues. Once my job is done in a company, I will be working as part-time at another company as a part-time waiter to earn some extra money. This is the only way that I could earn a little bit of extra money to ease the financial issues in my family”.

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