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COVID-19: Not Stopping Woman Appreciation

News By: Ravivarma Muniandy

Editor: Deena Yasmeen Abdul Ghaffar

Photo by : Dr.Mogan Muniandi

BANGI, MARCH 8- Rotary Club of Old Klang Road celebrated Women’s Day by handing out more than 200 roses to women near Bukit Bintang despite the fact that Covid-19 which got declared as pandemic by World Health Organization is spreading faster and creating panic with 127,784 confirmed cases around the world and 149 cases from Malaysia.

Rotary International is an international service organization that brings together businesses and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services around the world.

It is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.

The main purpose of this event is to appreciate the women out there that are facing challenges in life and to promote RC Old Klang Road’s purpose and missions to the public.

Rotary Club of Old Klang Road Chapter President in Elect Mrs. Thilagavathy Pillai said that they have a few upcoming projects to help single mothers and ladies in need, and expressed a desire to have more women taking part in RC Old Klang Road.

“We as a club have a few projects lined up for ladies and single mothers. We want to empower women in society to stand on their own feet. We want them to be bold, strong as well as caring and loving.”

“Projects that are curated for them are baking, sewing, flower arrangement and post-natal classes. We welcome women to come join us at Rotary and carry out community services to the public where they can build their own inner strength. We want to see more ladies joining Rotary Club.”

There were several young Rotary members who joined this program to show their appreciation to the women in our society.

One of the young members, Venud Silvasundar from Klang said that he joined this program because it seemed like an opportunity to make the women feel appreciated.

“I see this project as creating an awareness towards women who stand by this community; strong and with great power. We wanted to put a smile on their faces by giving them a rose as a token of their strength in this society.”

Dhivyah Vanugopal from Klang is also one of the members who feels this program is a way of showing love to women out there that are going through a rough life.

“As a woman, I love seeing other women smiling over small acts of kindness as we are not sure how rough life can be on their side. Love comes in all sort of ways and gestures. I am really glad that we managed to put a huge smile on these women’s faces today.”

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