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Damaged Manhole Cover - A Lady Injured after Falling in

Writer: Zhang Zihao

Editor: Hao Jiaming

The manhole cover where the incident occurred. Photo: Zhang Zihao

BANGI, 3 May - A passerby fell into a damaged hole and caused fractures while walking to Vista Bangi Service Apartment (Vista Bangi) on May 2.

"I suffered a serious fracture when my ribs hit a brick inside the damaged manhole cover at around 11.00 pm," said Ni Weijia (31), a Vista Bangi resident and victim of the incident.

An eyewitness, Wang Jie (23) said, “There are no streetlights on the road near Vista Bangi, so people can't see anything at night. Also, the hole is quite hard to see at night because it has the same colour as the main road.”

“The big hole was made because of a car accident,” said Zhao Wenhao (21), a student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) who lives in Vista Bangi.

“A large truck which carried more than 20 tons of cargo was unable to stop in time because of the slick roads caused by rain. So, the manhole cover was damaged when the car hit it,” he added.

“Luckily, I wasn't injured very badly because I didn't hurt my head,” said Weijia. “Thankfully, my friend was next to me at the time and he took me to the hospital immediately. I even cannot imagine, if there was no one around me at that time, this consequence would have been much more serious.”

According to Weijia, it was dark and raining, the ground was slippery at that time.

her boyfriend parked over to the side of the road and she didn't notice the brick when she got out of her boyfriend's car, which led to the accident.

“I hope that through Weijia's case, we can draw the attention of the people in charge,” said Tao Liu (28), Weijia’s boyfriend. “Whether it is the responsibility of Vista Bangi or the local highway department, I hope the broken cover can be repaired as soon as possible. we don't want to see anyone get injured again because of this.”

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