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“Dean’s Cup” The Exciting Tournament Event for UKM Students

Writer: Ananta Wirayudha

Editor: Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

(Football team in Dean’s Cup 2023. Photo by Ananta Wirayudha)

BANGI, 23 May - The Dean's Cup of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is a sports competition held among faculties or departments within the university and the objective of this competition is to promote healthy competition, camaraderie, and strengthen the bond between students and faculties at UKM.

The Dean's Cup UKM typically comprises 13 kinds of sports involving various sports disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and others, so each faculty or department forms their own teams to compete in the tournament.

The matches are held in a competitive format or tournament style, with winners determined in each sports category and all UKM students are encouraged to participate in this thrilling activity.

In addition to being a sports competition, the Dean's Cup UKM also serves as a platform to foster relationships among students, faculty members, and staff from different faculties, the event often includes social activities such as concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events that engage the entire UKM community.

The Dean's Cup UKM is an annual tradition that is eagerly participated in by students and staff at UKM, also the competition provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their sports skills, build social connections, and celebrate the spirit of togetherness within the university's academic environment.

“Personally, the dean's trophy is an event to show my best game against several majors and even different faculties and I am very happy because I meet many other people besides my major,” said Muhammad Ammar Gufran (20), international student majoring in Media Communication programme, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, who play football on Dean’s Cup.

Alvin Alim (22), a local student from the Faculty of Economics and Management, explained, “The students at UKM found this event to be highly engaging because they had to work as a team to win the tournament and also solidify friendships and encourage one another.”

In addition, the main sports of this event is a football match, especially final match.

It is hoped that the dean's cup would continue each year since it provides students with a platform to showcase their skills, foster a competitive spirit to excel in competitions, and foster a sense of teamwork amongst faculties and departments.

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