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Disney Plus Hotstar is Set to Launch in Malaysia with a 3-Month Subscription for Just RM54.90

Author: Haziq Maricar

Editor: Fatiha Mahmood

A screenshot that was taken on Astro’s official website

KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 - The Walt Disney Company finally announced to launch its popular streaming service, Disney Plus in partnership with a local broadcasting company, Astro with only RM54.90 for 3 months which you can start subscribing this June 1st nationwide, more than a year since it was first released back in 2019.

As the matter of fact, it is released under Hotstar, a video-on-demand streaming service or also known as the Indian version of Netflix is a subsidiary under the Walt Disney Company after a successful acquisition of its former parent company 21st Century Fox for a jaw-dropping $71.3 billion cash-and-stock offer that went down very publicly.

“All these wandavision tweets on my timeline are making me so frustrated like ugh can disney+ please be available here in Malaysia asap like helloooo it’s urgent.”

“When is Disney+ coming to Malaysia? All my comfort movie are from disney and it is not even available on Netflix.”

“We in Malaysia are looking forward to Disney+ Singapore already launched, why are we left out?”

Tweets as such can be seen by a number of users when the service showed no sign of coming to Malaysia mid last year even though it has already been made available in a few countries including the South East Asia region.

Well, the waiting is finally over especially for Marvel fans due to the fact that most of its recent releases have made exclusively into the subscription-based service since last December and the frustrations can be seen all over on social media especially Twitter expressing their dissatisfaction as they had to turn into illegal websites just to keep up with its content.

Pricing wise, the Disney+ Hotstar charges differently this time than any other streaming platform which is through a 3-month subscription plan at RM54.90 that is approximately just above RM18 if being broken down for a monthly fee. However this is a bit odd, considering that the same service being offered in other countries like Indonesia and India consist of multiple plan options that the viewer can choose from.

On the flipside, Movies Pack subscribers can enjoy Disney+ for just RM5 on top of their existing monthly plan according to the satellite television provider, Astro subsequently revealed that the company has been appointed as one of the two official distributors for the highly anticipated application which would be competing with another popular video-on-demand platform, Netflix.

For future access, the application will be available on the iOS and Android online store for users to stream the contents from Disney+ Hotstar as well on its Malaysia’s official website while Astro subscribers just need to wait for further announcement relating to this subject.

The good thing is, users not only can enjoy the original contents just from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucafilms, National Geographic, and Fox alone which is already plenty, but instead the streaming service would also feature quite a number of local contents thanks to a successful deal between local studios and the company.

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Haris Z
Haris Z
May 07, 2021

I can't wait to subscribe to it! Finally in Malaysia!!!!

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