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Downpour brings Calamity to PPR Residence A Day Before Ramadan

Written by: Sharon Tang Kah Yee

Edited by: Low Jie Jane

Fallen trees in PPR residence

CHERAS, 12 April- A downpour took place in the area of Maluri around 6:30pm to 7:00pm that brought tragedy towards the PPR residence where personal infrastructure was destroyed terribly a day before Ramadan.

The climate of Malaysia is greatly attracted to heavy rain due to its position of latitude in the peninsular and insular. What brings in a more discouraged situation is that the event occurs a day before Ramadan where numerous residents are setting up for their business at Jalan Peel.

Many personal cars and business equipment that are owned by the residence are greatly destroyed by the downpour and caused a great deal of damage. Stalls that are already set up in the compound to start the Ramadan business too suffers a great amount of loss. This was caused by fallen trees branch due to the storm during the downpour. This misfortune event brings in many depressed among the PPR residents upon the effect and many of them are greatly waiting for amendment to be given to them.

One of the residents claimed that he is one of the victims where the car is being terribly destroyed and cannot be fixed. He expresses how sad and shocking he was because he did not expect such unfortunate events and still hangs on to hope that his car was just having minor problems. Another residence also expresses her thought upon her loss.

“It all started from 6:30 pm. Everything was damaged and cannot be used anymore. We were told to start our business at that compound by the organiser due to the follow up of SOP. The settings that are in the compound like tent and umbrella are all gone due to the strong storm that blew it away. I have to get a new one all by myself” said Madam Imah, one of the business stall owners and residents.

Broken tents and business equipment

Destructed car caused by falling trees due to the storm

While being asked whether either one of them are getting any reparation, all of the victims replied by saying is it still an unsure situation, and so far, there’s no answer for it.

“One of the related people to DBKL is still in process to have this matter to be discussed” said one of the victims.

The downpour and horrific storm are certainly none but one of the dreadful circumstances beyond one’s control that happen in Malaysia almost every year. The residents of PRR in Jalan Peel are back to business one day after the incident and continuing Ramadan month this year.

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