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Drought Threatens Bangi

Writer: Zhang Chuqiu

Editor: Chen Weiyu

BANGI, 31 May - Several states in Malaysia are facing high temperature and little rain, and Bangi has also been deeply affected.

As of May 28, there has been no rain for more than ten days recently.

However, international students from China are unable to adapt to this strong high temperature and are looking for various ways to relieve the heat and dissipate heat.

The Malaysian Water Association pointed out that since May, the water consumption of Malaysian residents has increased significantly, which has also exacerbated the decline in water reserves.

The average daily high of 34 degrees causes people to find different ways to cool down. Many international students who live in apartments often go to the swimming pool, leave the air conditioner on for long periods and cut down on going out.

Li Feng, a Chinese student living in Savanna Executive Suites, said, "I'm from northern China. There are four distinct seasons over there. Even in summer, it won't be too hot, and it often rains."

In China, the temperature varies from cold to hot throughout the year, and even in summer it often rains, while the hot weather in Malaysia can be unadaptable for the Chinese students.

(Hot weather, photo by Zhang Chuqiu)

" I feel very thirsty every day and I need to be constantly hydrated every day. I don't want to go out every day, but I must go to classes, it's frustrating," said Wang Bohan, the Chinese student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Chen Yi, a Chinese student from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), said: "I've found a good way because I'm too scared of the heat, so I can go swimming downstairs every night, which can relieve the summer heat and exercise.

(The swimming pool of Chen Yi’s apartment, photo by Chen Yi)

The Malaysian government recently has a plan for artificial rainfall, hoping to replenish the reservoir for water storage. The head of the water agency said that according to the effect of artificial precipitation, it will be decided whether to request the state government to allocate funds for the second artificial rainfall according to ECNS (China News).

It is hoped that the recent drought will come to an end swiftly, and students are urged to conserve water and prioritize sun protection until rainfall resumes.

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