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DuitNow QR Welcomes Alipay and Transforms Cross-Border Payments

Updated: Jan 11



(Photo By: Alipay)

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Dec- PayNet Malaysia, Alipay and Ant Group officially collaborated on November 8th to announce that DuitNow QR now supports e-wallet payments in eight countries and regions in Asia. Alipay is a third-party payment service platform, was launched in 2003, initially as a division of Alibaba Group's website, operated independently on December 8, 2004, and is now independent of Alibaba Group as a subsidiary of Ant Group. The strategic alliance aims to promote cross-border payments in Malaysia through popular e-wallets such as Alipay, providing convenience for Malaysians to use DuitNow QR even when abroad.


Among today’s numerous payment platforms, the DuitNow QR unified payment QR code emerges as a solution to simplify transactions. DuitNow QR is a payment code for locals in Malaysia, and now a partnership with Alipay gives Chinese tourists an alternative to cash or bank cards.


This change of policy has brought unprecedented convenience to Chinese tourists and Chinese students arriving in Malaysia. The integration of Alipay with DuitNow QR means that payments can be made directly using Alipay, making our lives in Malaysia even more convenient.


We spoke with Li Junxian, a Chinese international student, to get a first-hand account of the impact of this development, Junxian said, happily: "Before this policy was introduced, I was often troubled by Alipay's inability to scan the QR code to pay. Now, these troubles are history."


Junxian not only praised the convenience of transactions, but also demonstrated its practical significance in daily life. He ate at a restaurant with his classmates and paid by scanning the DuitNow QR code via Alipay. The whole process, as he described it, went very smoothly.

The collaboration between the multi-platform and DuitNow will not only make it easier for consumers to pay by scanning codes, but also for merchants to benefit from the implementation of this policy, said Nurul Faeazah, owner of two shops in ioi city mall. "Since DuitNow can pay by scanning Alipay, there are more Chinese people coming to the store, especially Chinese students. I think this policy will benefit both of us."


Another Chinese student, Ma Yafei from media communication, said: "It is very convenient to directly scan DuitNow with Alipay. Before using TNG eWallet, you had to go to a store to buy a PIN with cash to recharge, which was very troublesome. However, with the integration, payments can now be made directly through Alipay".

Hemma, a local student from UKM, said: "This cooperation is also conducive to enhancing the relationship between the two countries. It is a good result. I hope everyone can come to Malaysia to travel and study."


Currently, DuitNow QR supports payments from eight foreign wallets, with recent announcements suggesting that more e-wallets will be integrated in the near future. Additionally, DuitNow plans to expand its user base more cosmopolitan in the coming year and solidify its leadership in digital payments. The partnership between PayNet Malaysia, Alipay and Ant Group demonstrates the continued development and global expansion of digital payment solutions.

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