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‘European Super League’ Was It Worth It?

Written by: Kishan Kumar

Edited by: Keziah Shamma Mahendran

Source: Sky Sports

MADRID, 21 April - Twelve of the leading European football clubs have come together to announce they have agreed to establish a new mid-week competition, the European Super League governed by its founding clubs has led to chaos and outrage amongst football fans all over the world. All hell broke loose as twelve of Europe’s richest football clubs came together to announce their intention to form a new Super League, The European Super League governed by its 'Founding Clubs' which resulted in fans all over the world being upset and disappointed with the new format.

The European Super League was formed as a new competition for the top football clubs of Europe to compete in. Those included in the competition are the top six from the Premier League, the top three clubs from LaLiga and the top three from Serie-A. Amongst those clubs are Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Inter-Milan and AC-Milan.

According to the Chairman of the European Super League Chairman, Mr. Florentino Perez, “This new Super League is going to save football”. In an interview with Mr. Florentino Perez, when questioned on what they hope to gain from the making of this new league, he says that“This super League is going to be the greatest show on earth, whereby every single week twelve and as for the statements from UEFA, which states that players will be banned from national football, I can guarantee that no such thing will happen. That’s for sure.”

The formation of this European Super League not only angered fans but also existing football organizations and federations such as UEFA, FA, Domestic Leagues and FIFA. The formation of this new Super League would cause a spiraling uncontrollable chain of events that would inevitably destroy football as we know it.

Source: BBC Sport

In the span of a few hours following the Super League announcement, fans of the “Big Six” Premier League Teams gathered in front of their respective stadiums to protest against the announcement.

Journalist of Nadi Bangi UKM, had the opportunity to interview Nicholas Mark, a devoted Manchester United fan in which he expressed “These money-hungry owners are trying to ruin football. These football clubs were built and created by us working-class people but now these monsters are stealing our history and heritage that we as fans have built. My honest opinion is that without our fans there would be no business in football ”.

“This is a crime”, disclosed another unhappy Liverpool fan, Arvinden “What’s wrong with the football that we have now? Was it really necessary to have another mid-week competition when we already have domestic leagues, international games and other tournaments? They don’t really care about football, all they’re worried about is how full their pockets are going to be'' he added, expressing his disappointment.

Three days after the announcement of Super League, after many efforts taken by fans and football associates the big six Premier League clubs withdrew from this new competition. All this controversial talk on the new European Super League has led to people all over the world wondering, “Was it really worth it?”.

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Apr 29, 2021

Fan over money 🔥🔥


Apr 29, 2021

MONEY can't buy everything..

Like Fans..


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