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Exploring The Needs Behind Youth from Nights of Fright Nine

Updated: Jan 10

Writer: Li Shimeng, Liao Yuqing

Editor: Wu Junke, Sun Zhitong, Chen Jingkun

SUNWAY: In the darkness of the chamber, student Wang Jiaqi sees a faceless man. "Help," comes a voice from behind, a woman tied to a chair and covered in blood. "The special effects were done so real that I even tried to save that woman," she said. "But the faceless man who suddenly appeared on the other side of the room made me run screaming out of the chamber,"  said Wang Jiaqi, a UKM student taking part in Nights of Fright Nine for the first time.

(This picture was taken by LI SHIMENG)

Sunway Lagoon's annual Halloween extravaganza, Nights of Fright Nine, has returned in 2023, attracting visitors and residents worldwide.  Now in its ninth year, this award-winning horror event promises an evening that compels attendees to confront their deepest fears.

(This picture was taken by LI SHIMENG)

"It's very exciting, I feel that these horror projects can relieve my academic pressure, it's suitable to come with friends, but don't come to play alone, or a ghost may follow you," Jiaqi said. 

With creepy haunted houses, scare zones, thrill rides, and immersive stage shows, Nights of Fright Nine is an adrenaline-fueled night out.

  (This picture was taken by LI SHIMENG)

"Since we don't celebrate Halloween over there, we come to this event every year," said UPM student Chen Junjie, residing in Seremban.

"The most impressive is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a haunted house, which is most memorable when the chainsaw man rushed up to scare me. I like to experience these pursuits of excitement in my spare time. Because, you know, there is no such opportunity in ordinary times, "he added.

Nights of Fright Nine is not only scary, but also features countless non-player Characters acting as witches, vampires, clowns, chainsaw men, and so on in the street, accompanied by weird red and green lights wandering in the street, and then scare the tourists.

  (This picture was taken by LI SHIMENG)

"I love what I do and the roles I play, even though it's hard work; we aim to make visitors feel excited and relaxed and to experience the joy they wouldn't normally be able to get," said Zuraida Kamaruddin, an NPC playing the role of a witch.

  (This picture was taken by LI SHIMENG)

A visitor named Guo Zhuozhuang taking a photo with the NPC on the street said he was looking forward to the appearance of some of his favourite characters, which would allow him to become more involved in the festival and get a fresh perspective on it.

"These scary NPCs are so intent on scaring the tourists that my girlfriends and I would shout out when we were scared, and we would feel relieved of our pent-up fears and life's depressing emotions," said Hu Shuen, a young writer.

Shuen pointed out that through this revelry, the values of the young group are reflected, stating, "The reason for participating in this event has less to do with the celebration of Halloween itself and more to do with the emotions and the pursuit of simple, pure joy for once. "

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