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Fire Breaks Out at Mid Valley Megamall

Writer: Hao Jiaming

Editor: Zhang Zihao

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 May - The renowned downtown shopping center, Mid Valley Megamall, suffered extensive damage by fire, leaving customers and staff terrified. Local authorities and emergency services responded immediately, working to extinguish the fires and secure the safety of all individuals present. Witnesses reported gruesome images and applauded the firefighters for their quick response.

The Mid Valley Mall caught fire, sending smoke pouring above. As sirens rang and the sprinkler system activated, shoppers and personnel fled the facility. Firefighters arrived swiftly, risking the heat and smoke to put out the rapidly expanding fires.

(Fire scene photo. Photo from NEW STRAITS TIMES)

While the actual origin of the incident is still unknown, preliminary assessments indicate that it was caused by overheated oil in a transformer located at the main substation's cold storage.

According to Fatta Amin, chief of operations assistance at the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department, the oil can endure temperatures of up to 137 degrees Celsius, according to Malaysia National News Agency (Bernama). "However, it seems that the substation was overheated and unexpectedly started burning," he told media at the mall, adding that just one of the building's four substations caught fire.

(A statement from Mid Valley Megamall official Facebook account)

Ms. Emily Tan, a consumer who observed the accident, described the hectic scene. "I was on the second floor when I heard screaming and saw smoke billowing from the ground floor." Shoppers were frantically looking for the nearest escape. It was a terrifying event, but I appreciate the firemen' fast reaction."

Following the occurrence, local officials emphasized the value of fire prevention measures and promised to examine and reinforce rules in the future to prevent such tragedies. Mall management also undertook a full review of its safety measures and made any required changes. To aid investigations and guarantee public safety, the scene of the event has been roped off.

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