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FoodXcess Has Been A Turning Point For Royal Education Award Recipient

Penulis : Kumutha Santharan

Penyunting: Nurul Syafiqah Binti Abdul Wahab

Source : Brentha Murugan

BANGI, 25 Nov - In a remarkable turn of events, FoodExcess has emerged as an important milestone for the recipient of the Royal Education Award, Brentha Murugan.

FoodXcess was a product in collaboration with the US embassy as their grant provider. FoodXcess is a platform where UKM students get updated about excess free food around college. Brentha Murugan, a determined environmentalist and recent graduate of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), has just been proudly bestowed with the esteemed Royal Education Award at the age of 24.


From the inception of her academic expedition at the university, Brentha has consistently and fervently dedicated herself to attaining the utmost recognition and refinement. Her enthusiastic quest for knowledge has propelled this exceptionally bright intellect to consistently earn a spot on the Dean's List in each semester of her undergraduate program, achieving a remarkable CGPA of 3.94 without exception.

Brentha Murugan expressed, "A pivotal accomplishment that marked a turning point for me towards this Royal Education Award was the development of an innovation called 'Food Power,' a collaborative effort with two highly skilled individuals, Piraveen and Kam Cai See. The success of Food Power propelled us to surpass our boundaries, securing victories in numerous national and international competitions. Throughout this journey, we acquired valuable skills, including the art of crafting compelling pitch decks and honing our pitching abilities."

“Participating in competitions involved networking, engaging with diverse individuals, and staying updated on current environmental issues, fostering professionalism. Beyond "Food Power," another accomplishment was securing a $1000 grant from the US Embassy for a community project at UKM. Named "Food Power," it involved redistributing surplus cafeteria food to students for free, with FoodXcess volunteers receiving substantial incentives. This initiative addressed both food security and student welfare, distributing approximately 70 kg of food,” she added. 

“So far we collaborated with Tealive, KIY, KUO and KPZ. We had around 20 volunteers around UKM as we distributed over 70kg of food for free saving it from going to landfill and causing methane emission that further causes global warming.,” said Brentha Murugan.

This insightful and radiant young intellect has been selected to advance her studies at the Doctor of Philosophy level through the accelerated pathway at the Faculty of Science and Technology in the same field. Brentha Murugan is poised to instigate significant transformations and reforms globally, and it's truly heartening to see her granted the rightful opportunity to further refine her skills and intellect for this impactful journey.

"My parents take immense pride in my achievements. Witnessing me receive the award from the Chancellor, Sultan Negeri Sembilan, was a deeply touching experience for them. It felt surreal, something they never imagined being a part of a moment so prestigious," shared Brentha Murugan.

In offering advice to fellow juniors aspiring to attain a Royal Education Award, Brentha reflects on her journey after passing through Pusanika. She shares a powerful mantra that has profoundly influenced her approach to life and the pursuit of passions: "When you're passionate about something and can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it. Always seize opportunities, big or small, and never cease to look for them. Expand your horizons as much as you can." This wisdom, drawn from personal experience, serves as a guiding principle for those who aim to achieve excellence and distinction in their academic endeavours.

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Jan 13
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Proud of you Bren.


Jan 13
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Well written article

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