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FSSK Celebrates Aidilfitri with Cultural Performances and Festive Feasts

Writer: MA SHUYA


(Photo by Ma Shuya )

BANGI, 2 May - The Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan held a grand Aidilfitri celebration. The celebration lasted from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event attracted the participation of many students and lecturers of the university. They celebrate this great festival together, feeling the warmth and love of each other.

Highlighting the day was the attendance of Prof Dato’Gs Ts Dr Mohd. Ekhwan Bin Toriman , the Vice Chancellor, whose presence was warmly received by students and faculty alike. At the ceremony, the chancellor took the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the students and lecturers.

Wang Qiang, a second year student said, "The Aidilfitri celebration made me feel the diversity and inclusiveness of the campus culture. Through such an event, we can not only enjoy the food, but also learn about the traditions and customs of Malaysia, which is a very rare experience."

In a delightful surprise, Dr. Kho Suet Nie and other faculty members performed skits that elicited laughter and applause, showcasing the faculty's diverse talents beyond their academic duties.These performances added a unique flavour to the festival.The celebration reached its peak with traditional Aidilfitri songs and dances performed by the hosts and actors. This entertainment further enhanced the festive atmosphere.

“As one of the organisers of the event, I am delighted to see so many students actively participating and we hope that this celebration will allow them to relax and enjoy campus life after their studies.” said a student union member, Nadia in an interview.

Wang Li, a parent of a student from China, said, "I feel relieved to hear that my child is involved in such activities. The school focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on the overall development of students. Such activities allow students to learn and grow in a relaxed environment, and I am satisfied with the school's approach to education."

To complement the festivities, the university provided a feast of Malaysian cuisine that included Laksam,Nasi Lemark,10 whole roast sheep and 30 roast chickens, along with unlimited drinks. This generous feast, offered at free to the attendees, was particularly appreciated by the students.

(Photo by Ma Shuya)

FSSK has always been committed to promoting cultural exchange and understanding among students by organising such cultural events. The Aidilfitri event not only allowed the students to experience the fun of traditional festivals, but also deepened their understanding of Malaysian culture.

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