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FTSM Conducts Survey on Shuttle Service to Southville City

Updated: Jan 12

Writer: Wu JunKe, Sun ZhiTong, Chen JingKun

Editor: Liao YuQin, Li ShiMeng

BANGI, 15 Nov - Fakulti Teknologi Sains Maklumat(FTSM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, has issued an intention survey to select students regarding shuttle buses from campus to Southville City.

The questionnaire, which is distributed online with google form, can be filled out only once per student and contains only two basic types of questions, such as "Do you want a bus to travel between school” and “Your current place of residence?”

Xu Ruofei, the student who lives in Southville City currently, said "It was exciting to receive the questionnaire filling notice and almost the next second I spread the word to a group of 150 students and a few of my friends."

He added that he wasn't sure how many people had filled out the survey, but that “it won’t be a small number” based on the buzz in the chat group.

"This is a sign that students’ feedback is valued by the university, and it is also a reward for our joint efforts," RuoFei said.

Li YiQi, the creator of the UKM to Southville Shuttle Bus appeal email, said he and his friends had tried to send an email to the campus as early as mid-March about the transport difficulties they were facing.

"My upperclassmen told me that UKM has a specific feedback email, so I emailed them with the intention of giving it a try, but didn't get any reply.

"We tried to mobilize all the students who had the same problem with us to send a joint email to the campus feedback mailbox. At first, there were only a few people in the team. Later, more people heard about it, joined us in the middle, and eventually there were more than 50 names on the email," YiQi said.

"Because the problem of inconvenient transportation has always existed, especially for students living in Southville, it seems that there are only motor vehicles that can facilitate their transportation between school and residence, so many students usually choose to use Grab to call a taxi to take them to school when they have classes. The taxi fare is a big expense, " RuoFei added.

Another enthusiastic student who took part in the form, identified as Chen Boyv, said that sometimes when the schedule was tricky - for example, at 8 am - "grab a ride" seemed like "resignation".

He explained: "If there is no driver nearby, you can only wait at home, waiting for a minute to pass, so there is the following funny situation: you are in a hurry, like there’s only ten minutes left before you getting late,but you have not turned in the taxi that takes you."

“Now the period of filling out the questionnaire is ended, we are looking forward to a formal response from the university on this issue,” YiQi said.

“Although it does take time, processes take time, we fully understand that - but hopefully it will go as fast as possible, "he said.

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