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Glow Fun Run Kolej Keris Mas Attract 341 Participants



(Source by Shahrol)

BANGI, 11 May - Kolej Keris Mas was awash with neon lights and enthusiastic runners last night as students, faculty, and community members gathered for the annual Glow Fun Run , an event that combines fitness, fun, and philanthropy. This year’s event saw a record turnout with over 341 participants donning glow-in-the-dark attire to support local charities.

This event was organized by the commitee from Kolej Keris Mas, the Glow Fun Run kicks off at 7.30pm for registration and started running at 8.00 pm at Dewan Gemilang with a lively warm-up session led by Kolej Keris Mas dance team. Participants, adorned with glow sticks, neon face paint, and luminous costumes, lined up at the starting line, eagerly waiting for the kick off signal.

The five kilometers meandered through the campus, illuminated by the lights and glowing decorations. Police traffic guides the running track for the runners directions and safety. Along the route, volunteers cheered on runners and handed out water bottles, ensuring everyone stayed hydrated and motivated.

The head of the the program ,Anis Sofea Binti Abdul Hanis (Faculty of Islamic Studies) as the head of the program, expressed her excitement about the turnout.

“ We’re thrilled to see so many people tonight, almost 341 participants. It was unexpected because our target was only 300 participants. The Glow Fun Run is a fantastic way to bring our community together and it inspired me from last year's program. It brings our community together while raising money for a great cause. It’s amazing to see everyone having fun and supporting each other.”

(Source by Shahrol)

Team Exco Program Glow Fun Run, Arif Imran Bin Anuwar from Faculty of Education, organized the program and also shared how the crowd reacted.

“ The crowd was very fun and lively even if it rain, but they still want to continue the program, however the flow is slightly disrupted due to the heavy rain which caused some participants to worry about their safety but thank Godness no serious injuries occurred.”

Nadiathul Auni (Faculty of Economics And Management), said about running track “ for me as a student who has been there and joined Glow Fun Run 1.0 last year, this year’s track is more interesting and I enjoy the view compared to last year's only one track”.

Nadiathul is a girl who is active in running and have joined many run event “ I joined the night to enjoy the moment and view and it was very satisfying to see everyone finish strong the night, events like this need to implemented for version 3.0 in the future because from here we will know many more people to run and motivate us in the future.”

The Glow Fun Run has become a beloved tradition, showcases community efforts for a good cause, with this year’s success indicating its longevity will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

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