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Google Smile Malaysia Workshop Held By Mention Conference

Penulis: Aliff Idzwan Abdullah

Penyunting: Sharveshwaran

Sumber: Mention Conference 2021

BANGI, 23 Nov – Center of Media and Communication Studies (MENTION), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has held a 3 days conference which is on 23rd until 25th of November, one of the workshop under MENTION Conference was “Google sMILe” that lasting for two days.

According to the coordinator of the workshop, Prof. Madya Dr. Sabariah Mohamed Salleh, Lecturer of Centre of Media and Communication Studies (MENTION), the main concept is an “introduction to what is Media and Information Literacy.” The word “literacy” describes the ability to read and write.

“An introduction to what is media and information literacy, because nowadays there is a lot of fake news, misinformation, false communication, etc… For now, in MENTION there are not a lot of universities that have the opportunities of focusing on Media and Information Literacy.”

Added more, “I thought by having the workshop, we create an awareness and also give a chance for students and also for the lecturers. In Malaysia there are no courses that offer this subject, so it is also an eye – opener to the Malaysian Universities.” Said Prof. Madya Dr. Sabariah Mohamed Salleh.

Farhan Siddiq, 22, said, “The workshop purpose on how important a fact check effectively before consume, making judgement and decisions on the information that we have, the fact check are about video, poster, picture and news in the media. As a journalism student, it does really give a positive impact in journalism and my media literacy on how to digest information accurately without getting false and fake information that might influence my thoughts on reality.”

He added more “It's really crucial to listen and practise the training in the workshop because in the workshop, the trainer gives various tools on how to get accurate data, information, and also geolocation. The tolls such as Fotoforensic, Twitter Advanced search, Google etc…”

As the workshop are about giving exercises and practice for the fact – checking and they were also teaching its theory. In this case, it helps to have an evidence and proof in certain context that had been share using the media platform.

The Coordinator also added “I’m very happy because there were many participants and I hope it would not end there, and to be honest I am looking for fact checkers as well for the fact check lab so I hope there will be students that are interested in fact – checking.”

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