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Grand Opening of Chang'an Hot Pot Restaurant in Bangi

Updated: Jan 14

Writer:He Yuhan, WangBo

Editor:Hou Bairu, Zhu Lijing

BANGI, 24 Dec - Chang 'an Hot Pot, known for its authentic Chinese cuisine, has officially opened in the heart of Savannah. For most Chinese students studying abroad and local food lovers, it is exciting news that Chang 'an Hot Pot, known for its authentic Chinese flavor, has officially opened in the heart of Savanna.

The photo is at the entrance of Chang 'an Hot Pot Shop (the photo is by HeYuhan)

Chang 'an hot pot is a self-service hot pot form, only need 58RM per person, you can enjoy unlimited beef and sheep chicken, unlimited fruit, unlimited dishes, bring consumers a very cost-effective consumption experience, this stunt has also attracted a particularly large number of international students around. From quality meat and seafood cuts to a variety of fresh vegetables and homemade dips, the restaurant offers a wide selection to suit every taste.

Mr.Wang Jiaxi, the visionary behind Chang'an Hot Pot, expressed his excitement about bringing the authentic hot pot experience to Savannah. He stated, "We are thrilled to introduce the vibrant and communal dining culture of hot pot to the wonderful community of Savannah. Chang'an Hot Pot is more than just a restaurant; it's a place where people come together to share delicious food, laughter, and create lasting memories."

Shop assistant Shi Yuecheng said “Chang'an Hot Pot is open for lunch and dinner, welcoming guests to savor the rich flavors of hot pot in a lively and inviting ambiance. The restaurant also offers various dining options, including individual hot pots and family-style sharing, making it an ideal destination for both intimate dinners and group gatherings.”

We also spoke to WangHao, a computer science student from ukm, who was eating at the restaurant. He said that he is from Sichuan province, China, is a heavy taste lover, savanna opened such a hot pot restaurant he is happy, can not go too far, downstairs can taste the delicious hometown.

We also interviewed WangBohan, an international student from China, who said: "I have lived here for more than a year, as a new college I usually rarely cook, we generally choose savanna's restaurant." I'm very happy that a new Chinese hot pot restaurant has opened in this community. I can taste the taste of my hometown."

With Changan Hotpot's arrival in Savanna, which promises to elevate the city's culinary landscape, it invites and wants everyone to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of communal dining and authentic tastes.

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