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Hari Kerjaya UKM Attracts 31 Companies




BANGI, 16 May- The recently concluded Hari Kerjaya UKM event at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, hosted by the Career Buddies, CESMED (Faculty Economics and Management) and UKM Karier. This event was held at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR) and attracted 32 companies for job opportunities and internship placement.

The event served as a pivotal platform for students seeking to navigate their career paths and explore internship opportunities, while also offering companies like Maybank, Bank Islam, Huawei, and others a chance to showcase their brands through dedicated booths at the event. With over 25 companies, the event went down smoothly.

(Source: Hemma)

Nur Firzanah Izzani Binti Zulkifli (Faculty of Economics and Management), one of the committee representatives expressed her elation at the event's triumph. Firzanah highlighted the diverse turnout, with enthusiastic participation not only from UKM students but also from external attendees.

She particularly lauded the impact of the engaging lucky draw, which featured coveted prizes such as iPads, printers, and other enticing gifts, alongside the delightful complimentary ice cream that was enjoyed by all event participants.

Firzanah also commended the resume checking booth, emphasizing its pivotal role in empowering students to refine their resumes and bolster their self-assurance. “The resume checking booth was a standout for me. It's incredibly beneficial for students as it not only reviews their existing resumes but also enhances them, ensuring they stand out to potential employers," she said.

"I also found it thrilling that our team held a lucky draw, adding an element of excitement to the event's closure," she mentioned.

The Hari Kerjaya UKM event not only provided a rich tapestry of career exploration opportunities and resume enhancement resources for students but also served as a dynamic platform for companies to engage with potential talent and bolster their recruitment endeavors.

The event's seamless blend of informative sessions, interactive booths, and networking opportunities underscored its significance in fostering a conducive environment for career development and professional growth.

Furthermore, feedback from a student participant, Siti Norashikin Zakaria (Faculty of Economics and Management), shed further light on the event's popularity and success. Siti shared her positive experience, singling out the Kabel booth as her favorite attraction.

Kabel is an innovative app designed to streamline the job search process, “My favorite booth is the Kabel booth. Kable is an app that makes looking for a job easier. It's like dating up but for jobs,” she said.

(Source: Hemma)

Kable, showcased the event's modern and forward-thinking approach in catering to the evolving needs of job seekers and recruiters alike.

"Kable App has truly revolutionized our workflow. It enhances communication, increases productivity, and promotes teamwork. The app's efficiency in task management is unparalleled. It's a pivotal tool that elevates our performance to new heights.” said the employee who was at the booth.

Overall the diverse range of attendees, interactive booths, and engaging activities truly made Hari Kerjaya UKM a standout event in the realm of career exploration and professional development. The positive feedback from both organizers and participants alike underscores the event's impact in bridging the gap between students and potential employers, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of learning and growth.

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