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Haze is a sign from Allah.

Writer: Deliyana Darwes

Editor: Vikneswaran

Figure 1: Image of the meteor hit the earth (source: Caters News agency)

Malaysia was once again thrown with a problem that happens annually. Almost for two weeks Malaysians have been living in sorrow wearing masks wherever they went. It all end now. Praise to Allah, the continuous rainy days for the past three day helps to eliminate the haze as Malaysian can see the neighbourhood clearly. For whom who are not concern, the haze issue that hit Malaysia and other countries was caused by forest fire started by irresponsible party from Indonesia for a new crop development. Malaysians daily activities was affected as schools and universities in high polluted area had to be shut down for a few days. Outdoor activities were put to an hold due to the increase in haze-related illnesses. The hospitals keep receiving patients that affected by the haze.

Why the haze is dangerous?

According to the official Portal Ministry of Health Malaysia, Haze is a phenomenon caused by the presence of many small particles that cannot be seen by the naked eyes as it float in the air. These particle could be a by-product of human mistakes or occur naturally. This particles can block the sun ray if appears in large quantities. Risky people such as children and those with lung related diseases will have adverse effect if the haze prolonged. Hopefully, this new government can do something such as strictly enforcing the law and walk the talk to protect the people in the country but at the same time, take care of our good relationship with the neighbour country.

Did you ever hear about Dukhan?

فَارْتَقِبْ يَوْمَ تَأْتِي السَّمَاءُ بِدُخَانٍ مُبِينٍ

“Then watch for the Day when the sky will bring a visible smoke” (Ad-Dukhan:10)

‘Dukhan” was believed by the Muslims as a sign of doomsday. It was believed that “Dukhan” is a thick smoke that will darken the earth for 40 days caused by a meteor which will hit the earth. And it was said that during these 40 days it will be as dark as Jonah in nun’s belly. No one can deny, every second that pass, brings us closer to doomsday. It can happen anytime as the earth is already in meteor stream. But people, Muslims especially are busy with “Dunya” without knowing they are out of time. Daily activities and life goals that we set through make us negligent and forget about our purpose as a Muslim.

What’s the differences between these two phenomenon?

One came from human mistakes and another from Allah and what makes them the same? We cannot avoid both. The worst part is we are not aware of it and still continue to play the race card. what we should do is, see the good in the bad things. We may not stop the haze or told the people not to start one. Even though we told them, it’s all up to them to make the call. They decide what to do and what’s not. But of course we can make a change, and the change should start from us, the little particle on the earth. Stop open burning, do not litter. Take good care of surrounding. We can make a difference. Besides, we need to realize that, things that happen is a sign from Allah that want us to go back to him and take a lesson. Prepare ourselves to be better Muslim, follow the right path and stay away from what is bad. Nothing can happen without his permission. Haze is a sign from Allah that we should not take easy.

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