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Here's How To Know If You're Obsessive Fan

By: Amni Amirah Izzati Binti Mohd Afandi

Editor: Ang Xin Yi

Source : Google

As a person who has Cinephilia, I encounter with one of John Travolta latest movie ‘The Fanatic’ tells the story about a fan who is obsessed with his action movie hero and he takes drastic measure when he can't meet his favorite actor in person as this movie started streaming on online last October this year.

It was fun and unusual movie somehow it related and it makes me searching out of curiosity. As I found something…

There is a syndrome in particular about obsessive fan. The celebrity worship syndrome also known as obsessive addictive disorder is a real mental health issue that can be described where a person can become completely obsessed with all the details about celebrity’s personal life also their persona. These people spend excessive amounts of time and money to learn every detail about their celebrities, watching and attempting to have some type of interaction as famous people on television are the most common targets by obsessed fans. 

However, not every one that develops celebrity worship syndrome has a mental health disorder yet there is increasing research suggests that along with the symptoms and behaviors of this syndrome where they can get a high rate of anxiety, depression, and stress.


There is a mental health diagnosis that is recognized as celebrity worship syndrome in this world. As there is a scale that has been developed to rate how obsessed a fan may be over a famous person.  Here are some sneaky signs in overcoming this syndrome and that can clue you in to your mental health status.

You are …. normal one

The first level of “celebrity worship” is called entertainment-social where it is a normal appreciation of celebrity because of their ability to entertain people. 

You are ….. losing the normal

Losing the normal is not a bad thing but this type of label is the intensity-personal level where it is the compulsive feelings about a celebrity as you may feel a special bond with your favorite celebrity or you feel that your life was affected by whatever happens to a celebrity. 

Are you an oddly obsessive?

You always feel that cannot control yourself as this wicked level, called the borderline-pathological which is characterized by uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies regarding events involving your favourite celebrities. You may think that your celebrity is aware of you but you may also feel angry and frustrated if a celebrity does not respond to your letters or calls.

 By looking at this level of “celebrity obsession”, the person can know the level that they land in. These levels can help them by giving them an understanding of their obsession with their favorite celebrity.'

There are some things that they definitely should do…

Seek therapy, please

If it is severe celebrity worship syndrome, they need to seek therapy and perhaps medication from the professional to help them to identify their behaviors which they would like to overcome if they are struggling to do by themselves.

Play healthy lifestyle

Many people spend a significant amount of time in the virtual world including social media that focused solely on a celebrity life. This can make it difficult for the person to develop a set of healthy social skills due to lack of real social interaction as studies have shown that people who learn social skills will experience positive effects on social-emotional development and behavior. They would likely spend and involve in some new activities each day by expanding their interest with other things like reading a book, playing a certain sport or learning new music instruments.

Supporting is needed

A supportive family member and friends are playing an important role in encouraging their interest who got affected by this syndrome and also trying to find new things to do to stop their obsession and giving them plenty of positive feedback about their unique strengths and qualities and it will making them more fulfilling would be helpful.

In the end, we praise celebrities because they are part of the social-cultural system. They grasp our emotions where we find our identity to them as they bring pleasure and inspiration to us. The person who got this syndrome and their never-ending obsession with celebrities is quite common and is a natural part of growing up.

Celebrity obsession is not something new that happens now. It has been going for a long time where celebrity obsession is not unhealthy but in positive note if the fans admire the celebrity’s achievements as it could motivate them to do something similar and succesful. Then, it should be okay.

It is good to respect or idolize a particular celebrity that they admire yet making and treating them like a god and worshipping them is not a wise human’s choice.

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