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How Should Students Respond About the Appearance of Wild Boar on UKM Campus

Writer: Zhang Zihao

Editor: Hao Jiaming

BANGI, 27 May – Recently, wild boars have frequently entered the campus of Universiti Kebangsaan of Malaysia (UKM), which has aroused the concerns of students and parents and the frequent occurrence of wild boars has posed a serious threat to the safety of the students of UKM.

In the past few months, students have reported that the number of wild boars in the campus has increased significantly. The wild boars forage around the campus, destroying the vegetation, flower beds, and lawns on the campus and even threatening the safety of students and university staff.

(Wild boars appearing on the campus. Photo by Zhang Zihao)

Peng Siwei (20), a student from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSK), recounted her experience at the campus: “I saw a wild boar running by the side of the road on the way back from the residential college to the dormitory block, it could attack people, which makes me fear for my safety.”

Azizah Ahmad (48), the father of a local student, said, “As the parent of a UKM student, I am very concerned about the frequent presence of wild boars on campus. I think the university should take more active measures to ensure the safety of students.”

He added, "Wild boars entering the campus are a potential threat to the safety of our students, and we cannot ignore this issue."

Another student Muhammad Ammar Gufran (21), from FSSK, put forward his suggestion for this matter: "I think the school should increase the security facilities on the campus, such as building higher fences to prevent wild pigs from entering the campus."

"In addition, it is also important to strengthen patrol and monitoring measures so that schools can detect wild boar infestations earlier,” he added.

Feng Kai, a PhD candidate majoring in Biology at the Faculty of Science and Technology, said, “As for the wild boars appearing on the campus, I think this shows that the campus environment is well protected, but it will pose a potential threat to the people on the campus.”

He also gave two suggestions: “First, the university should strengthen the protection of students. and the education of university staff to improve their awareness and safety awareness of wild boars. Secondly, the university should cooperate with professional wildlife management agencies to formulate detailed wild boar management plans.”

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