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How will Grab price be affected?

Writer:Liao Yilin

Editor:Wang Mengya

For Chinese students studying in Malaysia, Grab is one of their most familiar e-hailing apps, but at certain times of the day, the price is two or three times higher than usual, students take longer to get home, or sometimes the price goes up due to weather conditions, Grab's price change is puzzling and curious.

By browsing the App Grab and can get some details. First, on the ride-hailing interface, on rainy days, the system will remind us that the fare will be higher than usual if the weather is bad and the driver may be late. Second, in the optional models, different vehicles also have different prices, six-seat car than a four-seat car expensive for general ten ringgit, upgraded version of the vehicle will be more excellent than the ordinary car, which will be about eight ringgit expensive, this is they can all intuitively understand clearly.

(source: photo by Liao Yilin)

According to concluding, Grab has the following common car models:GrabTaxi: Taxi fare is calculated by skipping the meter.Taxi-7 Seaters: Taxis that seat up to 6 people and have large trunk space for 3-4 29-inch luggage.GrabCar: Usually a private car with a fixed fee.GrabCar Plus: Premium private cars, divided into GrabCar Premium and GrabCar Luxe.JustGrab: You can call GrabTaxi and GrabCar at one time for a fixed fee.

In addition, they can also see other services, such as GrabCar for Ladies: Which caters for female passengers and offers rides by female drivers. GrabAssist: For people with disabilities or special needs, but reservations are required. GrabDriveYourCar: Hire Grab private drivers to drive your personal car. Rent GrabCar: Passengers can rent cars and drivers on an hourly basis.

By the way, they found that they have to pay an extra toll just to get on the motorway. Sometimes we should prepare change or 50 yuan bills in advance, at the toll station, and then give the money to the driver, the driver after paying the toll, will give you a receipt and change; You can also say "Together" to the driver, and when you finally get out of the car to pay, add it up.

Furthermore, I interviewed an enthusiastic local Chinese driver who, fortunately, was also familiar with Grab's fare system. He said: "If you go to a popular area or scenic spot, the cost will be a little more expensive than the ordinary place, and if it is the peak time such as lunch and dinner time, the price may increase exponentially, and there are highway fees, the more highways you pass, there will be extra charges and so on."

Although UKM students often complain about the difficulty of hailing a car and the wide range of prices, there is no denying that Grab is the most famous ride-hailing APP in Southeast Asia. I have asked my friends around me and found that Grab is the one that people are most willing to use. It is not only because the platform price is clear and favorable, but also because the driver's real name system is very safe.

Bisides, compared Grab with Chinese ride-hailing Apps Didi and Autonavi. The difference is that in China, due to the large population, the price of a ride is much less affected by the time of day and peak hours, but it will increase the stopover fee for traffic jams. UKM International students generally think that ride-hailing service in Malaysia is a little more expensive than in China.

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