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Indonesia Team Won The Grand Prize USD 80,000

By: Vanisri Ravi

Editor: Ang Xin Yi

Source: Vanisri Ravi

Kuala Lumpur, 23 Nov - Evos team represent Indonesia won the first prize USD 80,000 in the grand final Mobile Legends:Bang-Bang (MLBB) Championship 2019 at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil and this tournament started from 15 until 17 November 2019.

16 professional MLBB teams were participated this tournament and Malaysia consist of two team which is Todak and Axis E-sport and another 14 nations which is Brazil, Laos, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, United States,Thailand, and Myanmar also engaged in MLBB.

Indonesia team, RRQ won in upper bracket with 2 score against Malaysia Team Todak and Todak was unqualified to enter the grand final.

Evos Legends and RRQ team from Indonesia were lucky enough to meet each other in grand final with the scores of 4 and 3 respectively.

Evos won the MLBB Championship 2019 with the grand prize USD 80,000 and runner up, RRQ won the cash price USD 40,000 and following by other teams who won small amount of cash price compare this two teams.

“We practiced from the past 3 weeks and for the first week it took 3 to 5 hours and it increase to 7 hours on the following week and we aimed to win this competition.” said Zikri Samsudin from Todak Team.

“We expected our team will win MLBB Championship 2019 and will bring the grand prize back to our home land.” said by Rocky from Indonesia team with their own cheers.

“Todak team was powerful and the team players are important like moon,ciku and others but they are playing with other stronger team and this was a challenge for them but I hope they will stand strong for the hardest battle next time and win it,” said Naufal Azim, a supporter of MLBB in his opinion.

Haikal Aiman, a supporter of Todak said that “We have to accept that todak team lose in this tournament even they tried their best.”

Japan team who also participated in this tournament said the biggest challenge for them is they don’t have any experience to fight with other countries because there’s only 5 team in Japan.

The fear between them is a competition because they have to compete with other countries and this tournament was launched by Sport Minister, Syed Sadiq on 17 November at Axiata Arena as a supporter of e-sports.

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