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Indonesian Student Association in National University of Malaysia: Our Abroad New Home

Writer: Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

Editor: Ananta Wirayudha

Being away from home and family for the sake of studying is a feeling that sometimes overseas students cannot describe with mere words. Sometimes the challenges faced often make students who migrate and are far from home need the comfort they get at home.

Students studying abroad must learn optimally to adapt to the new environment they live in to become a new home during the process of studying and there are many aspects that can cure the longing of overseas students for their homes, especially those who migrate abroad. One of them is expanding socialization by joining student associations that cover all overseas students who are in the country where they continue their studies.

The Indonesian Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) student association is a forum for Indonesian students in Malaysia who study at UKM. This organization is called the Indonesian Student Association in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or in Indonesian language, Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia which is shortened to PPI UKM.

This association was founded at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on August 30, 1986, which means that it has been a forum for Indonesian students in UKM for 37 years. PPI UKM is one of the 'founding fathers' of the Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia, or in Indonesian language, Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Malaysia (PPIM) which was established in 1998 and oversees more than 40 PPI-campuses such as PPI UKM, PPI IIUM, PPI UM and other.

(One of PPI UKM's activities called ‘Garuda Cup XI’ which was attended by several PPI-campuses such as PPI UPM, PPI UUM, PPI IIUM and PPI Taylor's University)

Source: @ppi_ukm on Instagram

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is one of the universities that many Indonesians choose, especially at the undergraduate level. PPI UKM is an organization that aims to gather, foster unity and brotherhood of all Indonesian students in UKM. In addition, PPI UKM is a means for Indonesian students in UKM to improve quality in the fields of science, skills, and organization.

Therefore, every year PPI UKM tries to create and organize new activities that are active so that all Indonesian students in UKM have activities outside of lectures which can be a source of enthusiasm or relieve their homesickness in Indonesia or their families.

"In my opinion PPI UKM is one of the biggest factors that can make me mature and have experience in organizing. In Malaysia I tried a lot of new things that I had never tried before, and I did that with Indonesian student in UKM." Said Faza Arsa (23), a Bachelor's degree alumni from Indonesia in UKM majoring in International Economics.

With PPI UKM, Indonesian students in UKM can be said to have their own house to rely on during their studies. All Indonesian students from all levels of study registered at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia are members of PPI UKM, but PPI UKM also has a structural system of organizational management that changes every year where there are various divisions and sub-divisions in the organizational structure which are opened every replacement period for all Indonesian students. in UKM to join to develop themselves together outside of academic activities.

(One of PPI UKM's activities called 'Acoustic Night')

Source: @ppi_ukm on Instagram

"With PPI UKM I don't feel alone here, I can take part in activities organized by PPI UKM and make friends with many Indonesian friends from different faculties with me," stated Aracelli Mayra (19) second year student majoring in UKM business administration from Indonesia.

Not all Indonesian students in UKM are organizational structural administrators, but all activities and work programs that exist in each PPI UKM management period are activities that are open to all Indonesian students in UKM. Thus, for most students it is this activity that makes them feel comfortable while migrating to Malaysia.

“As time goes by, even though Indonesian students in UKM are now more numerous and varied, of course we still maintain these values of togetherness and become our basis in carrying out work programs as well.” Said Arya Bimo (20) second year student majoring in actuarial science who is also the Chairperson of PPI UKM 2022/2023.

An association like PPI UKM is expected to live longer and develop further so that it will always be a place for all students who migrate to find comfort outside of academic activities and a means of learning together.

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