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Introduction Night for new members of New Tune Club

Updated: Jan 10



BANGI, 3 Nov. - An event was held by the New Tune Club at Kolej Pendeta Zaba (KPZ) Grand Hall from 7pm to 9pm, aiming to recruit new members who are interested in the music area.

New Tune is a Chinese-Malaysian music club in University Kebangasaan Malaysia (UKM), which has a history of 31 years. It aims to do some ‘cool things’ by dancing and singing out.

“We are planning to have more than 20 new people, ”the vice-president for Internal Affairs Erik explained: “ the more the better, so that we can have a greater concert next time.”

The event included five songs and two dances; three of the songs were top three hits from the last concert held, and the remaining two were remixes of songs by members of the club.

(This picture was taken by LIU SHIXUAN)

“We conduct recruitment annually, as this is the time when new talents join us and also we can discover potential newcomers,” a student in the club mentioned.

Many students were waiting in front of the gate before the introduction began, some were taking photos with friends while others were reading the manual, which was recommended by the students from the etiquette department.

The keyboard player, Liao Yilin said: “I think the preparation we did before the show was really rewarding. We all got together a lot to practice our songs, and even though we were short on time, we seem to have done a great job now.”

(This picture was taken by LIAO YILIN)

The opening warm-up show unfolded like a captivating narrative, unveiling the rich stories behind each piece of music in all their glory. Thunderous applause reverberated through the audience, punctuating the end of almost every song.

(This photo was taken by LIAO YILIN)

Yilin also added that learning to play with others was a game-changer. It wasn't just about making music but also about making friends. The whole vibe made perfect sense the moment cheers erupted from the crowd.

“In fact, we still have a lot of shortcomings, but still hope that everyone has a dream to go after,”guitarist Shi Tong said. “It's always better to make progress together than to stay put.”

It is worth mentioning that the New Tune Club not only recruits students who are interested in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, but this time they also conducted classes to teach dance and musical instruments at a lower price, to facilitate students who want to learn musical instruments.

The following instruments are offered: guitar, bass, trumpet, electric piano, and drums.

(This photo was taken by LIU SHIXUAN)

Erik pointed out that not everyone feels brave enough to express themselves, and often, people lack the opportunity to pursue their passions. This club is for individuals who believe there may be better opportunities beyond academia. Moreover, it caters to those who harbor dreams and aspirations, so it provides a space for dreamers. Maybe, just like what the host said on the stage, “Let’s do something cool.”

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