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IOI CITY MALL Holds New Year’s Eve Activities From 2023 To 2024




Putrajaya, 1 Jan-IOI CITY MALL held a grand New Year's Eve countdown event outdoors on the evening of December 31, 2023. 

Many celebrity singers were invited to help out, including Malaysian singer Gary Chaw, who is very popular in China, and local singer Misha Omar and others. Everyone gathered together to count down, watch the fireworks show, and welcome the arrival of 2024.

As New Year's in 2024 approaches, many shopping malls have launched New Year's Eve activities. IOI City Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia, also announced its own celebration plan, which quickly attracted everyone's attention.

Zhang Xiaodan, an international student from UKM FSSK, said: "This is my first New Year's Eve in Malaysia. IOI City Mall is the nearest large shopping mall to us, and I heard there were fireworks, which made me even more excited, so I came here with friends to participate in this event.”

Li Ningxiao,a friend of Xiaodan, an international student from UKM FSSK, said: “We were attracted by the fireworks show. Due to some national policies, we haven’t seen fireworks for a long time. We hope to watch the fireworks show with friends at this special moment, it feels significant.”


In addition to the performance, there is also a fireworks show. When the countdown ends, the fireworks appeared from behind the stage. The entire fireworks show lasts for 20 minutes, which is full of praise.

Zhang Meiling, a 30-year-old Malaysian Chinese, said after watching the fireworks show: "This is a grand and unforgettable performance. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this is one of the best performances in recent years. I like such a lively atmosphere very much.”

A reporter from Nadi Bangi, interviewed Zulfikar Harun, the person in charge of the organizer, "We have specially invited many well-known singers and performing artists for this New Year's Eve performance, and there will also be a fireworks show as the climax. We hope that the new year will bring a bright future. We can bring more laughter and beautiful memories to everyone. Thank you for your support of IOI City Mall, and we look forward to continuing to grow with you in the new year."

The holding of this series of activities not only marks the arrival of the New Year but also symbolizes the prosperity and vitality of Malaysian society, opening a new chapter full of hope and joy in 2024.

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