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KathNiel Split After 11 Years Leaving Fans Heartbroken

Writer: Nur Fathin Athirah 

Editor: Deepalakshmi A/P Manickam 

Credit: Instagram @bernadokath

FILIPINA, 11 Dec - Breaking the hearts of fans nationwide, the iconic Filipino showbiz couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, have officially called it quits after sharing 11 years of love and laughter.

Kathryn revealed on her Instagram account that she and Daniel Padilla have made the decision to call it quits on their long-term partnership. The public has experienced a range of emotions in response to the announcement, which was made through a genuine and heartfelt post that struck an emotional nerve with followers. 

Kathryn said, “I want you to hear it straight from me: It’s true that Deej and I have decided to part ways.” The way she decided to interact with fans expressed the couple's regard for their followers and acknowledged the close bond that had been developed over a ten-year period. 

Expressing her gratitude, Kathryn continued, “Deej, you gave me beautiful 11 years and the kind of love that I will forever cherish. I will always be grateful for you. Our love story began with respect and ended with respect.” 

Kathryn and Daniel, often referred to as "KathNiel '' by their fans. As fans took to social media to process the news, @ForeverKathNielFan tweeted, “I honestly believed KathNiel would soon be engaged or married, this is so heartbreaking.” Another fan, @padillabela, shared, "I think the most painful part is realizing a person who was just meant to pass through one’s life. Never to stay. Thank you, Kath and Deej, for the beautiful memories. #AlwaysKathNiel."

The breakup announcement triggered a wave of nostalgia as fans reminisced about the couple's on-screen magic and off-screen adventures. @imalekatnyel posted, "KathNiel, you will be forever in our hearts. Praying for you both and to all the KathNiel fans out there, this is not an end of everything but a new beginning to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you all again just like we had before.”

In an interview with a dedicated fan, Nadi Bangi spoke with Ayu Farhanis, 23, an intern at Bernama. Ayu expressed her sadness, saying, "As a devoted fan, I'm genuinely saddened by their breakup. Despite not knowing the exact cause, those of us who admire their on-screen and off-screen chemistry are quite taken aback. Over a decade together, it must be challenging for both fans and the individuals involved." 

Liyana, 34, a big fan of KathNiel, shared her sentiments, "Not gonna lie, I can't believe that they already broke up. I am very sad when I hear the news. But whatever it is, I am still supporting them, and I wish them happiness.”

Fellow celebrities are feeling all sorts of things about the breakup too. Some are totally there for the ex-couple, like Anne Smith, the Filipino-Aussie model, who dropped a comment saying, "Sending you a big hug, Kath." The overwhelming response from both fans and celebrities highlights how deeply the breakup of this cherished showbiz couple marks the conclusion of a significant chapter. 

With this big shift in the Filipino entertainment scene, it's hard to ignore the lasting impact Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have made. Their 11-year journey is like a living testament to the strength of love, leaving an unforgettable mark on the hearts of their fans.

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Dec 15, 2023
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