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Kenangan Café Becomes New Place for Students to Study

Updated: Jan 12

Writer: Qistina Allyssa, JinYuan

Editor: Xiang Peixin, Kong Linghao

(Photo resource: Jin Yuan)

In the busy heart of Bangi’s Savanna apartment, just a stone's throw away from the National

University of Malaysia, a charming coffee shop has gained attention, welcoming students and residents with open arms.

The Indonesian-based company is the latest addition to the student-based apartment complex and is already making waves with its unique blend of coffee and welcoming ambience. We interviewed a recurring customer and the cafe's manager to discover what sets Kenangan Café apart.

Nestled in the heart of Savanna, Kenangan Cafe is quickly becoming a popular haunt for students at the National University of Malaysia.

We spoke to Huang Yuting, a frequent visitor and student, who shared her thoughts on what makes this cafe special.

"I go to this coffee shop about every day because I am addicted to drinking coffee," Yuting admits with a chuckle. Kenangan Cafe has found a dedicated regular in her.

Yuting discovered Kenangan Cafe through word of mouth, "I know this cafe through my roommate; she told me this cafe is good, and I think it is also popular among Chinese students who live in Savanna."

One of her favourite choices at Kenangan Cafe is the Avocado Coffee, a unique blend that truly captures the essence of avocado. This drink is a famous drink amongst students. "It can taste the freshness of the avocado," she says. "And doughnuts are my favourite dish; they are sweet and give me enough energy."

What sets Kenangan Cafe apart is not just the coffee and food but also the overall experience. Yuting points out "The environment and atmosphere are very good, with plenty of space and comfortable music. There are about 6-7 staff in this shop every day, with a very good attitude and high efficiency. Usually, I can get my coffee immediately after ordering."

However, Yuting does have a couple of suggestions for improvement. "I think there should be a student discount for using the student card, after all, it's in an area with many students. Also, I wish this store could open earlier. I always want to have a drink when I have morning classes. Unfortunately, they open in the afternoon."

To better understand what makes Kenangan Cafe popular, we spoke with the cafe's manager, Dinesh,who provided valuable insights into the cafe's offerings and its connection to the student community.

Kenangan Cafe opened in October last year and is part of a company from Indonesia. Dinesh shared, "We opened here because a lot of residents and students live here, and we saw the potential to attract a large customer base."

(Photo resource: Jin Yuan)

When it comes to popular drinks and dishes among the student customers, the manager noted, "Popular drinks include Kenang-A-Late and any freezing beverage like Signature Double Chocolate or Mocha-Chip. As for dishes, our top sellers are the doughnuts and muffins."

The café’s best sellers, Kenang-A-Late, ranges around RM 10.90-RM14.90, based on sizes and temperatures. Whereas the the ice-based drinks such as Signature Double Chocolate or Mocha-Chip, range around RM16.90.

Kenangan Cafe, though relatively new, is already finding ways to connect with the student community.

In terms of eco-friendly practices, Kenangan Cafe is taking steps to minimize its environmental footprint. The manager revealed: "We recycle our coffee grounds, which are then passed on to our suppliers for gardening purposes."

While Kenangan Cafe is relatively new, it has already become an essential place for students and residents.

Although the manager couldn't share specific memorable stories, he expressed the pleasure of having students work at the cafe, creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Kenangan Cafe is undoubtedly making a name for itself as a ‘hot spot’ for students in Savannah. With its ambience, delightful coffee creations, and a growing connection to the local community, it's set to become a cherished Kenangan, or "memory," for all who visit. As the cafe continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its patrons, it will most likely leave a lasting mark on student life near the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

(Photo resource: Jin Yuan)

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