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KIZ Department Makes Improvements to Ensure Smooth Start of New Semester

Author: Xu Bingxuan

Editor: Huang Xinrui

BANGI, 1 May - Starting in earlier April, a large number of international students flocked to Kolej Ibu Zain (KIZ), and the management department of KIZ made many efforts to enhance the students' accommodation experience.

With the start of the new semester, many students have returned to the campus.

KIZ, as the only international standard dormitory area in UKM, undoubtedly attracts many international students.

To ensure the proper functioning of hardware and other facilities in the rooms, the KIZ management office provides students with a checklist during registration, so that students can indicate any issues through self-checks, which will be solved by technical staff.

Chinese Student Ma Yafei, who has been living in KIZ for a year, said, “Whenever new students check-in, they can get a form to check whether all items in their rooms are in good condition or not. If not, they can report it to the office, so that it will be solved immediately.”

(Photo by Ma Yafei)

Furthermore, the common areas of the dormitory are also well-maintained by the staff, if any blockages are found in the pipes, students can easily contact the staff and they will fix it promptly.

In addition, KIZ's management department often organizes extracurricular activities to enrich the leisure time of international students and provide them with a platform to make new friends.

Recently, they held a large-scale event to celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival, inviting all students living in the dormitory to participate.

The hall was decorated with unique paintings showcasing local Malaysian culture, and during the celebration, a well-known local band brought a highly ethnic song and dance performance, which elevated the festive atmosphere.

(A group photo of KIZ students after playing marbles. Photo by Peng Siwei)

(Kashi Ramadan Events at KIZ. Photo by Peng Siwei)

"I believe that these activities have allowed me to better understand the local culture of Malaysia, and I have made many friends from Malaysia and other countries. These activities have enriched my spiritual world and will be helpful for my future studies and life," said a student union member, Peng Siwei in an interview.

The property management department of KIZ has taken measures to cope with the influx of students by promptly addressing any issues and providing a variety of extracurricular activities to provide a comprehensive educational experience for students.

These efforts have been recognized and appreciated by the international student community.

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Jul 13, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Some of KIZ's activities really allowed me to get help from friends from different countries during the most difficult times.

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