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KTHO Wrapped Up Three Days FESSAT17 with Flying Colours



Closing ceremony FESSAT17 (Source: Nurin Fatihah binti Azme)

BANGI, 19 May - Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO) Entrepreneurship Club has successfully executed a three day event called Festival Sanjungan Satria ke-17 (FESSAT17) at Panggung Seni, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). This event was held on 17th May 2024 until 19th May 2024.

FESSAT has been an annual event for KTHO's residents ever since 2003. However, due to Covid 19, the festivities were paused from 2019 for FESSAT16 and resumed this year.

This year, FESSAT17 offers a lot of interesting competition and activites that was organised by the team and in collaboration with other clubs in KTHO itself. Among that are singing competition that called Rentak Penyesalan, Test Your Tolerance which is eating spicy food challenge, Top Chef Hussein which is cooking competition, E-sports, Pound Stick fitness, Hussein Berzumba, Pengabdi Hussein which is haunted house and Colouring competition for children.

Ahmad Zakhwan Bin Mohammad (Faculty of Science and Technology) is an assistant deputy of this event and expressed his gratitude towards the clubs that are willing to collabs for three days and because of that they manage to offer a variety and unique activities for the audience.

As for the director of the festive, Natasha Florella Lundik (Faculty Social Science and Humanities) mentioned that she was given the mandate and trust from the college principal to bring back the joy and glamourous FESSAT for this year’s event.

“Not gonna lie, it is so hard for me to carry on these challenges. But, I keep doing my research, asking for advice and ideas from the higher ups and my team on how to ensure that this event will execute smoothly. Before this, FESSAT was held in our college. The KTHO area is so small, I bet we all know that. So, for this year's event, I wanted to bring something new by taking the challenge to do FESSAT17 on a large scale at Panggung Seni, UKM,” said Natasha.

Not only is this event packed with interesting activities, they also brought in a renowned artist from Brunei, Aziz Harun and Malaysian legendary artist, Rahmat Mega.

Natasha said she was a big fan of Aziz Harun, and since he never came to perform at UKM, she herself approached Aziz Harun to be part of this FESSAT17 for the closing ceremony.

Aziz Harun captured the audience's heart by singing his iconic song which is Jangan, Senyum, and his new pre-released song which is Janji.

(Source: Wardiah binti Che’ Zamzam)

“I was so surprised to see the crowds during the closing ceremony. It was beyond my expectation to see that we manage to pull this huge crowd from the audience. I was overwhelmed because I am worried if there is no crowd, the food vendor will face a loss. Thankfully, all the audience were supporting the food vendor,” said Natasha.

Aimi Izzati (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities) is one of the audience who come to support this event. “I come tonight as an audience because before this I am taking part as an emcee for one slot for this festival. But for tonight, I am supporting my friend who incharge to be an emcee. And of course, I come for Aziz Harun.…”

Aimi, who is also a resident from KTHO, was thrilled to see FESSAT17 getting recognition from the audience. “I am so honoured to be part of this team. This is a proud moment for KTHO because we know that our college is the smallest among all but we manage to pull out this big event,” she said.

FESSAT17 team (Source: Nurin Fatihah binti Azme)

The great teamwork and bond that the organiser and the team had has resulted in a memorable event for them. Ahmad said that he is impressed with their teams because they all give full cooperation and great teamwork in order to execute this event successfully.

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