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Local Gym Disputes with Potential Client

By: Aqilah Humaira Ab Halim

Editor: Alexandra Prudente

Source: Sofia Cholan/Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 May – Netizens have called out a local gym based in Ampang that claims to empower women when they responded in an unprofessional manner towards a potential customer, Sofia Cholan, and reportedly shamed her by posting their private conversation and her photos on the social media application, Instagram.

Sofia, 24, has been struggling with her weight for some time and inquired the gym regarding their free fitness program by selection of interview, expressing her situation of not being able to afford the fees stated for the other existing programs. Sofia approached the gym in hopes to lose weight and be healthier but the response she received was appalling.

“If you can afford to go overseas, I’m sure you can afford our RM880 fees, honey,” was the reported response by the gym’s social media admin. The admin also uploaded a photo with the caption explaining the details of their free ‘Extreme Weight Loss Challenge Season 2’ and highlighted part of their caption in capital letters stating, “But remember we DON’T WANT SOMEONE THAT IS RUDE, NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY, HARD HEADED & NO MANNERS,” as the criteria of the participants. The caption was perceived to be indirectly meant for Sofia to justify that she did not meet their requirements.

Instagram users seemingly sided with her as the 24-year old took to her personal Instagram profile and said, “I’ve been struggling with weight loss for a long time and coming up with courage to even ask for help was huge for me, so to be given this type of response was truly shocking.” Sofia also cleared up that her trips overseas were paid by her parents as a gift.

The gym has since deleted their post on Sofia and uploaded an apology for what has happened on their Instagram profile, albeit closing the comment sections. The apology was not well-received by the people as a lot of them perceived it to be half-hearted and with the means of only saving their business and reputation.

Nadi Bangi quotes Instagram user reyreynienie, “Your apology is revolting and your tone is so insincere you only apologized because you got caught. Not only you shut down an innocent prospective customer’s enquiry but you were repulsive towards her.”

Another Instagram user incredible.hulkat also agreed, “Not even an apology… more like an excuse and trying to justify why they were not wrong.”

The gym has been silent since the issue and have closed all their comments section while their owner has also deactivated her Instagram account. However, Sofia has been receiving a lot of positive comments and support from people and fitness trainers that have reached out to help her on her weight loss journey.

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