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Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall Opens in Futian

Writer: Liu Tao

Editor: Wang Yahui

(Malaysia Agricultural Museum Opening Site in Futian. Photo by 163News)

FUTIAN, CHINA, 11 June - In a significant milestone for Malaysia-China trade relations, the Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall officially opened its doors in Futian, China, and the grand opening ceremony was attended by esteemed guests, including government officials, business leaders, and representatives from both countries.

The Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall aims to promote the rich diversity and quality of Malaysian agricultural products to the Chinese market, spanning 70 square meters, this establishment showcases a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and other agricultural products directly imported from Malaysia, It serves as a one-stop destination for Chinese consumers who seek authentic Malaysian produce.

During the opening ceremony, Sun Shijian, a representative from the Malaysian government, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture. He stated, “The Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall represents a significant step towards strengthening bilateral trade between Malaysia and China. By providing Chinese consumers with direct access to high-quality Malaysian agricultural products, we hope to foster greater understanding and appreciation for our rich agricultural heritage.”

The living hall features meticulously designed stalls that offer a unique shopping experience, each stall is arranged to highlight the freshness and natural beauty of the products on display.

The customers can enjoy the opportunity to sample and purchase a variety of Malaysian specialties, including the renowned Durian, Mangosteen, Palm Oil, and unique herbs and spices.

Liu Xuan, a Chinese businessman in Malaysia, also said that through the increasingly frequent trade exchanges between the two countries, he hopes that the relationship between our two countries will become better and better.

The Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall also serves as a platform for cultural exchange. Various cultural activities, such as cooking demonstrations and traditional performances, will be organized to enhance visitors' understanding of Malaysian culture and its close relationship with agriculture. These activities aim to create an immersive and educational experience for visitors.

Zhao Wenhao, a Chinese student studying at UKM, is also looking forward to Malaysia's agricultural products entering the Chinese market and bringing better fruit quality to the Chinese people.

“I’ve always liked the durian in Malaysia and I’m worried that I will never be able to eat such good durians again when I return to work. Now, I can also buy good fruits in China,” said Zhang Sheng, a Chinese working at HUAWEI Malaysia.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall is expected to boost Malaysia's agricultural exports to China. The demand for high-quality, natural agricultural products continues to rise in China, and this living hall offers Malaysian farmers and producers a direct channel to reach this vast market.

The opening of the Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall in Futian signifies the deepening economic ties between Malaysia and China. It is a testament to the mutual commitment to fostering trade partnerships and cultural exchange. This initiative paves the way for further collaboration and opens new avenues for business opportunities between the two nations.

As the Malaysian Agricultural Products Living Hall welcomes its first customers, it marks an exciting chapter in Malaysia-China trade relations. With its commitment to quality, diversity, and cultural exchange, this establishment promises to become a vibrant hub for Malaysian agricultural products in China.

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