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Mamak RBS at Vista Bangi is Popular During the May Day

Writer: Chen Weiyu

Editor: Zhang Chuqiu

BANGI, 2 May -Staying from earlier April, a large number of international students will choose to live in Vista Bangi, and the Mamak RBS downstairs in Vista Bangi is very popular every day, especially during the May Day holiday, the booming business of Mom’s stall is due to its high quality and low price and variety of dishes.

The popularity of mamak is not an accident, but an inevitable result obtained with the development of the times and the strengthening of its own advantages.

(mamak, photo by Anna)

There are three main reasons for the popularity of mamak: diverse dishes, dining atmosphere, and affordable prices. Many types of food and some mamak have a menu as thick as a book, which can satisfy the dining preferences of multiple ethnic groups. In terms of atmosphere, many mamak provides TVs or projectors to allow customers to entertain while dining and enjoy a joyful and comfortable dining atmosphere.

In terms of price, even though prices in Malaysia have risen in recent years, mamak is still a symbol of high quality and low prices in Malaysia. The affordable price is not only loved by locals but also sought after by many Chinese students studying abroad.

"We didn't expect so many customers this holiday, and the ingredients consumption was almost doubled than usual. I observed carefully that many Chinese-speaking customers came to the store, and they seemed to like our signature dishes. We felt Very happy and proud. We are also working hard to solve the need to wait in line, and strive to let Chinese friends eat hot Mamak food as soon as possible.” RBS’ s Chef Subir replied.

(mamak Photo by Anna)

We randomly interviewed several guests from China and Indonesia. Among them, Jessie, a student from China, said: "The main reason why we often come to Mamak is that there are many choices and the price is very low." Michele from Indonesia also said: "The taste is rich, and there are many dishes to choose."Another interviewer, Benjamin, said: "I'm a regular at Mamak because I love the roti here."

International students from China entered Mamak with enthusiasm and tasted the delicacies of Mamak. This is also one of the ways to experience the local life in Malaysia, and you can feel the unique life atmosphere and cultural scene of Malaysia.

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