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Masjid Negara Kuala Lumpur Celebrates Eid al-Fitr

By Ma Shuya

Editor: Guo Zhuozhuang

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Apr - In the early morning of APR 10, 2024, the Kuala Lumpur National Mosque (Masjid Negara) came alive with the vibrant spirit of Eid al-Fitr. Nearly 550 worshippers gathered at this iconic mosque, making it the focal point for celebrating this significant religious festival.

Wang Zixuan, a Chinese student studying at Chinese Independent High School, came to Malaysia with his parents at the age of three, and since the age of 10 he has been fasting consistently for a month every year. He said, "I have been living in Malaysia since I was a child and have been deeply influenced by Islamic culture. Fasting exercises my will and mind, and I leave for school every morning straight after my fasting meal, and it doesn't affect my study life very much.”

In the morning, worshippers arrived from all corners of Kuala Lumpur, dressed in their festive attire, and stepped inside the mosque to participate in the special Eid prayer ceremony. During this solemn ceremony, they prayed sincerely to express their awe and gratitude to Allah.

Harethaess, 35,was wearing a purple baju melayu suit, which he said he had specially tailored for Eid, choosing a purple fabric to make his jacket and pants, and a Songket from a fabric printed with colorful flowers. "I have been customizing a new Malay suit for myself and my children every Hari Raya for more than a decade."

Aisha, a migrant worker from Burma, said this was her fifth Eid in Malaysia. "I'm a big fan of traditional Malaysian dress and I'm wearing a white Buju Kebaya with a white headscarf," she said.“ I also often wear various colors of Malay clothing in my daily life.”

Apart from religious rituals, Eid also means a time to enjoy good food. The National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by stalls serving traditional Malaysian delicacies such as delicious bamboo rice, coconut milk rice, satay, etc. People gather around these stalls to savor the various delicacies and enjoy the joy and satisfaction that Eid brings.

Hu Li is a tourist from China who came to Malaysia to participate in the Eid Festival "This is the first time I have tasted traditional Malaysian food, which is very different from Chinese food, but my favorite is satay," she said.

The successful holding of the Eid Festival activities has made people feel the strong religious atmosphere and unique cultural charm of Malaysia. The participation of Muslims of different races in this celebration reflects the harmony and inclusiveness of Malaysian society.

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